After a yearlong break caused by epidemiological problems, the 2nd festival of the Balkan cultural space “Theatre at the Crossroads” is largely in preparation.

A new Festival Council has been formed and a co-selector elected.

The festival council consists of prominent theater creators from Serbia and the region:

Dusko Ljustina, PhD, Cultural Manager (Zagreb, Croatia); Vasilka Bumbarova, theatrologist (Sofia, Bulgaria); Dejan Lilic, drama champion (Skopje, Northern Macedonia); Milos Latinovic, playwright and writer (Belgrade, Serbia); Miroslav Radonjic, PhD, theatrologist (Novi Sad, Serbia); in accordance with the festival rules and regulations, the Mayor of Nis Dragana Sotirovski, tourism expert, and the general manager of the National Theater in Nis, Spasoje Z. Milovanovic, MA theatrologist who is also the co selector.


Prof. Vlatko Ilic, PhD, director, was unanimously elected co-selector.

If epidemiological conditions allow, the 2nd Festival will be held from September 6 to 13, 2021.

The audience will be informed about the program activities and the selection of the 2nd Festival in a timely manner.


“Theatre at the Crossroads” aims at affirming similarities and differences of the cultural identity of countries and peoples sharing the same space, strengthening international cultural exchange, promoting theatre art of Balkan cultural space, as well as exchanging ideas and theatre practices.



National Theater in Nis