Guest performance of the play “A Doll from the Bed #21”

The play  A Doll from the Bed #21 by Đorđe Lebović, directed by Slobodan Branković, is scheduled to be held at the National Theatre in Niš at 20.00 tomorrow. This performance is a co-production of the Serbian National Theatre, the Pančevo Culture Center, BeoArt production and the Association of Vojvodina Drama Artists. The actors performing in the play are Jasmina […]

Musical “Some Like It Hot” at “Zoran Radmilović’s Days” Festival

Musical Some Like It Hot is sheduled to be held tomorrow at 20.00 hours in the National Theater of Timok County Zoran Radmilović in Zaječar, within the program of the 31st theater festival Zoran Radmilović’s Days. The Musical is based on the movie namesake, it is directed by Aleksandar Marinković, playing one of the two […]

Guest performance of the play “Covid Love” – Days of the Srpska in Serbia

Within the program of Days of the Srpska event in Serbia, a play Covid Love, based on the motives of Luka Giacomozzi’s An Unusual Shipment, is going to be performed tonight at the National Theater in Niš at 19.30 hours. The play is performed by the Prijedor Theatre and it was directed and adapted by Željko Kasan. This performance is free […]

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