On Tuesday June 11, the National Theater Pirot will guest perform with the play “Hasanaginica”, written by Ljubomir Simovic, directed by Andrej Cvetanovski at the National Theater in Nis.
Hasanaginica is a classic of Serbian literature and home reading of Serbian theater. A topic people have written about, but this version by Ljubomir Simovic is one that has remained in the annals of theater history as the most interesting.
“We wanted to create a Balkan antique tragedy that, in its structure, tells the story of the liberation of a repressed woman and the courage to raise her voice, even if it carried her to her death.” Andrej Cvetanovski.
The play stars: Milan Nakov, Danica Stankovic, Natalija Geleban, Aleksandar Radulovic, Aleksandra Stojanovic, Danijela Ivanovic, Zoran Zivkovic and Aleksandar Aleksic.