Mia Begović, actress, Zagreb

Branislav Žaga Mićunović, director, Podgorica

Katarina Kocevska, actress and playwright, Skopje

Bogdan Costea, actor and director, Arad

Enver Petrovci, actor and professor, Priština


Mia Begović, already at the age of 23 in 1986, which is also the year of her graduation at the ADA in Zagreb, she was declared the most popular actress in Yugoslavia. The first award in the profession was BRAMS in 1979. The roles both in theatre and in front of the cameras followed, as well as the continuity of acting on almost all stages of the Republic of Croatia and many in Europe, America and Australia. In a series of about one hundred theatre and about forty (film and television) roles, I would highlight the following Iphigenia by Goethe (Dubrovnik Summer Festival – Orlando Award), Baroness Lehotska by M. JurićZagorka –Zagreb Summer Award), The Baroness by Krleža –Meldeg-Cranansteg,Albee – Martha…

She is the proudest of her authorial project, the monodrama “All I Did Not Say” that is performed at almost all eminent festivals. She is a Ph.D. graduate at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, as a proponent of lifelong learning.


Katarina Kocevska, born on April 11, 1959 in Skopje.

She graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje in 1982.

She has been the member of Drama Theatre Skopje since 1983.

She is a theater, movie and TV actress.

She is the author of drama texts and director of her drama “Lovers” (currently at the repertoire of Drama Theatre Skopje).

She is the winner of a number of acting awards.

As of 2018, she has been elected the selector and the director of the biggest theatre festival in Macedonia Vojdan Cernodrinski.



Bogdan Costea,

I’m born in Arad, Romania in 30 november 1967.

From 1991 till present I’m actor at Classical Theater „Ioan Slavici” Arad. I’m manager from 2011 till present. My other activities – TV speaker from 1995–2017, producer and director TV from 2009–2015.

From 1991 till now I played in 46 theater show.

I finished another high school in 2007.

I have two daughter.


Branislav Mićunović (born in Podgorica, 1952), theatre director. He is a longstanding professor of acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje, where he is the head of postgraduate studies, the President of the National Commission for UNESCO and the National Council for Culture. He is the honorary President of the International Theatre Network NETA, the honorary member of the international Academy Eminescu and the member of the Senate of Capital Cetinje.

He graduated in theatre directing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in 1975. During his career, Mićunović has mainly directed works by contemporary authors. He has directed with particular success plays by local playwrights. He has directed in all theatres in the region.

His plays were staged with success at the most important festivals: Sterija Theatre, Small and Experimental Scenes (MESS), Days of Comedy, Joakim Vujić Festival of Professional Theatres in Serbia and others.

He has been awarded the most important professional and social awards such as: Joakim Vujić Award for Directing, Jovan Putnik Award for Directing, Festival Grand Prix for Directing, Sterija Award for Directing, Grand Prix of Montenegrin National Theatre and Veljko Mandić Award for contribution to theatre culture in Montenegro.

Branislav Mićunović was elected Minister of Culture in three terms.

Currently he is in the position of Montenegrin Ambassador in Belgrade.


Enver Petrovci, an actor, director and dramaturge born in Priština on February 28, 1954.  He graduated from the College of Pedagogy, Department of Acting in Priština and then graduated in acting from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, in the class of Professor Minja Dedić in 1974.

As an actor, he had more than hundred roles in all professional theatres in Belgrade, as well as in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Novi Sad, Skopje, Podgorica, Subotica, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Priština, Budva, Tirana, Zrenjanin, Niš, etc.He also acted in around seventyfeature films and dozens of TV dramas and series. He has directed in theatres in Priština, Niš, New York, Fier (Albania), Tirana, Peć, Gnjilane,etc. He has authored five plays, while the Turkish feature film „Teuta” was filmed based on his script. He is the founder of the following private institutions:the school ”Acting Studio” in 1994, Academy of Arts in 2001and the theatre „Theatres and Babes Theatre” in Priština. He is also the founder of the theatre „Dodona” in Priština in 1992. As a professor, he teaches at the International University of Novi Pazar, Academy of Arts in Tetovo, and he is a full-time professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Priština.

He is the winner of a number of awards and recognitions for his creative work.





Borka Trebješanin, Politika

Tatjana Nježić, Blic

Tanja Mijović, RTS 3

Miljana Nikolić, Bell Amie Niš

Lidija Georgijev, RTS, branch office Niš





Professor Jelena Lužina, Ph.D., theatrologist

Professor Milivoje Mlađenović, Ph.D., Sombor

Professor Nenad Novaković, Ph.D., Banja Luka

Bojan Munjin, Radio Zagreb 3

Aleksandra Glovacki, Radio Belgrade 2

Filip Vujošević, dramaturge

Igor Burić, Dnevnik Novi Sad



Jelena Lužina, Ph.D.(1950, Dubrovnik), theatrologist, writer, translator.

She is a longstanding professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje. She has founded the Institute of Theatrology and the Museum of Macedonian National Theatre. She has written scripts for a number of TV documentaries, she has been the moderator at dozens of conferences on theatrology, and designed and prepared a number of exhibitions on theatrology.

She has been publishing since 1968, writing in both Croatian and Macedonian. She has published hundreds of theatre, film and literary reviews, and authored nineteen books, mostly scientific. She has edited the Macedonian Digital Theatre Encyclopedia (2002) and more than sixty anthologies, collections and monographs published in Macedonian, Croatian and English.

She is the winner of a dozen literary, scientific and translation awards.


Milivoje Mlađenović (1959, Bijeljina), writer and theatrologist.

He has been simultaneously engaged in theatre practice (longstanding manager of the National Theatre in Sombor, manager of Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad, manager of Sterija Theatre in Novi Sad, artistic advisor of the National Theatre Sterija in Vršac), and pedagogical work (associate professor at the Faculty of Education in Sombor) and in scientific-research and work in theatrology in the field of literature and, in particular, dramatic literature for children (doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade).

He has written a dozen of plays for children performed at theatre stages in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. His comedy Rabelais / Virtue / Sin was performed in the Theatre in Šabac, the play Maestro,about the painter Milan Konjović, was performed at the National Theatre in Sombor.

He has authored a number of theatre studies,two books of theatre plays for children, books of aphorisms, theatre travel books, plays Scandalous Comedy, and Pheasant’s Eye in 2012, etc.

He is the selector of the ActingCeremonyMilivoje Živanović in Požarevac, and he has also been the selector of other important theatre events and a member of the jury of the most prestigious theatre festivals.

He is the winner of a number of awards for his artistic and social engagement including Nikola Petrović Peca Award for outstanding contribution to the development of theatre art in Serbia, Golden Badge by the Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia (KPZ), Golden Charter Laza Kostić for best reportage at the International Reportage and Media Festival Interfer, and October Award of the City of Sombor.

He lives in Sombor.


Nenad Novaković (1960, Gornji Vijačani, Prnjavor), journalist, expert in electronic media and management in culture.

He graduated in Yugoslav Literature and Serbo-Croatian Language from the Faculty of Philosophy in Priština, and earned his Ph.D. at the Faculty of Management at ALFA University in Belgrade. He worked as a journalist and editor of Radio and TV Priština, in daily newspapers Glas from Banja Luka and Oslobođenje from Sarajevo and cooperated with many youth and literary magazines and newspapers in SFRY. He was the director of Radio Banja Luka, Glas srpki and BEL television in Banja Luka.

He is the founder of the journal on social issues Aktuelnosti, magazine for market communications Kontakt, weekly magazine Puls, as well as magazine for visual communications Agon. He leads media and communication studies and IUT; he is an associate professor at BLC and has been the manager of the National Theatre of the Republic of Srpska since 2011.

He has authored a number of professional, scientific, and publicist texts, and has been the editor-in-chief and the editor of a number of books, anthologies, collected and selected works, and four books.

He is the winner of a number of awards for cultural contribution including Golden Badge by Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia (KPZ) for outstanding work in culture and medal„Nikola Tesla“ by the German magazine New Dimensions in Science and magazine IVAS Art of Image.

He lives and works in Banja Luka.


Bojan Munjin (1954, Ljubljana), journalist and theatre critic.

He graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb.

He wrote theatre columns for Novi list from Rijeka, Feral Tribune from Split, Kazalište from Zagreb, Scena from Novi Sad, Dani from Sarajevo, NIN from Belgrade, Radio Zagreb 3 and Arkzin from Zagreb. Today, he publishes his reviews in Novosti– the weekly newsmagazine for Serbian Community in Croatia, Kulturni dodatak (Cultural News Adendum) to Politika and in Radio Belgrade 2.

He has been the moderatorof many theatre roundtable discussions, from the Small Scene Festival in Rijeka, MESS in Sarajevo, and BITEF in Belgrade and Yugoslav Drama Festival Without Translation in Užice, to Budva Theatre City.

He lives in Belgrade and Zagreb.


Aleksandra Glovacki, dramaturge and theatre critic from Belgrade.

She graduated in dramaturgy from the Academy of Arts in Belgrade and studied general literature with theory at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade.

She is the editor at Radio Belgrade’s Editorial Office for Culture where she writes theatre reviews. She has written a number of dramatizations, as well as original dramas performed in theatres in Serbia and Montenegro.


Filip Vujošević (1977, Belgrade), playwright.

He graduated in dramaturgy from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

Plays produced: G-Day (Dan Dž) (2002), Fake Porno (with group of authors, 2005), Half-Life (2005), Hamlet Hamlet Eurotrash (with Maja Pelević, 2008), Ronald, Please Understand Me (2008), Fakebook (with a group of authors, 2011), Frogs in Hot Water (2013), Life Stands Still, Life Goes On (2015), The Feast (2016).

He is the winner of a number of awards including Special Sterija Award for innovation in dramaturgy for the play Half-Life 2006 and Special Sterija Award for the team of authors for the play Life Stands Still, Life Goes On in2015. He has been a dramaturge on a number of awarded productions in theatres in Belgrade (Bitef Theatre, Yugoslav Drama Theatre). As of 2017, he has been the dramaturge and co-selector at Bitef Festival.


Igor Burić (1976, Tuzla), theatre critic.

As a student of philosophy (Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad), he wrote and published texts on philosophy, theory and criticism of culture, new media, literature, music, theatre, film, and interdisciplinary art forms. As of 2003, he has been engaged in writing theatre criticism in Dnevnik from Novi Sad, by means of which he continues the great tradition of this newspaper. In addition, he writes articles, interviews, and reviews as a permanent and occasional contributor of almost all relevant theatre journals (Scena, Ludus, Pozorište), and other print and online editions.

As an „almost extraordinary phenomenon among young journalists in Dnevnik and cultural column”, Igor Burić won one of the annual awards of that newspaper for writing and other professional achievements in 2004. The recognition outside the newspaper house he works in came in 2005, when he won the third award for best young journalist in Novi Sad.

He won Sterija Award for theatre criticism in 2014.