Professor NENAD NOVAKOVIĆ, PhD, expert in electronic media and management in culture (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

VASIL VASILEV, general manager of the National Theater “Ivan Vazov” in Sofia (Bulgaria)

DUŠAN KOVAČEVIĆ, actor and producer (Montenegro)

IRENA ŠAROVIĆ, dramaturge and choreographer (Serbia)

MILICA BAJIĆ ĐUROV, PhD, scenographer and costume
designer (Serbia)



Professor NENED STOJAN NOVAKOVIĆ, PhD was born in Gornji Vijačani near Prnjavor, B&H, on 6.11.1960. He completed all educational levels on time. Proud to have been a scholarship holder of the Tito Fund. So far, he has dedicated his life to working in the media, culture and aviation. A full professor at the university, lecturer at several faculties, founder and director of the most respectable higher education institution in B&H, Banja Luka College (BLC) and dean of the Faculty of Media at the International University of Travnik (IUT). Author of six books, participant of dozens of scientific and professional conferences and meetings, author and co-author of more than one hundred professional and scientific texts. Founder and editor of Stav, Aktuelnosti and Agon magazines, President of the Association of Publishers of the Republic of Srpska, President of the Ethics Committee of the Association of Journalists of the Republic of Srpska, former President of the Association of Publishers of the Republic of Srpska, President of the Ethics Committee of the Association of Journalists of the Republic of Srpska, former President of the Aviation Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, director of Glas Srpska, National Theater of the Republic of Srpska, director of Independent Television. Organizer of several theater festivals, member of the jury and participant in the selection of festivals and the selection of dramatic and literary texts. Active in the media, sports and political life of B&H, pilot and proud father of two sons and grandfather of two grandsons.



VASIL VASILEV is a famous Bulgarian director and former Deputy Minister of Culture of Bulgaria. The manager of the Drama Theater in Loveč for many years, the general manager of the Drama and Puppet Theater Ivan Radoev in Pleven and at present appointed as the general manager of National theatre “Ivan Vazov” in Sofia.

He directed plays all over Bulgaria: in Sofia, Sliven, Loveč, Vratsa, Silistra.

Following are some of his most significant works: The Man from Podolsk and Seryozha is very stupid by Dmitry Danilov, Smoke from an Unextinguished Cigarette and Characteristics of Russian Love by Aleksander Galin, Agreement 2019 by Mike Bartlett, Boeing Boeing by Mark Camoletti, Slave Island by Pierre de Marivaux, Emigrant Dream by Mate Matišić, The Savior by Kiril Topalov, Looking for a new husband by Miro Gavran, The Tricksters OOD  by John Patrick, Between Two Chairs by Ray Cooney, Look Back in Anger by John Osborne, Brussels by Petya Russeva, Archangel Michael by Georgy Markov, Underground Seagulls by Alfonso Viejo.

He directed The Face by Aleksander Galin at the National Theatre in Niš in 2021.

A recipient of prestigious awards for directing: The Bronze Knight at the 13th MTF, The Golden Knight in Moscow, 2015 and at the IX International Festival EUROPEAN THEATER ACTION – NETA in Vratsa, 2019.



DUŠAN KOVAČEVIĆ (Podgorica, 1981), actor and producer. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje in 2004. in the class of prof. Bora Stjepanović.

He played significant roles in over thirty theatre plays, eleven feature-length and several short films, and he starred in popular TV series.\

He has been involved in theatre production business since 2012. The play Maćado by Goran Ćetković was a great success and was performed more than 100 times; he produces a short-form series called Krle from ground floor, which was broadcast on RTCG. The first Montenegrin sitcom Deutsch Caffe brought him greater success. He is the co-producer of the second season of the regionally known series Besa, as well as the films Real story and Death of a girl with tags. He produced and directed several commercials and music videos.

At various festivals he won several national and foreign awards for his acting achievements, as well as awards for his contribution to the development of the independent theater scene in Montenegro.

In the period from 2019 to 2023, successfully served the mandate as the appointed artistic director of the City Theater in Podgorica, working both on its repertoire development and its regional promotion and positioning.

He is one of the founders of the Regional Union of Theaters – RUTA.



IRENA ŠAROVIĆ, dramaturge and choreographer. After completing the second year at the “Lujo Davicho” ballet high school, she graduated at the prestigious ballet academy “Vaganova” in St. Petersburg, Russia.

He has been a permanent member of the Terazije Theater ballet since 1991.

As a choreographer, in the last 25 years, she has co-authored dozens of theater performances in theaters all over Serbia, from Belgrade, through Sombor, Subotica, Šabac, to Podgorica.

In addition, she is the author (scriptwriter and choreographer) of several television entertainment-commercial and music-festival formats.

She graduated in dramaturgy in the class of Professor Siniša Kovačević. The drama Little God was published in the “Contemporary Serbian Drama” edition in 2004.

She is a member of the jury of the Monodrama and Pantomime Festival in Zemun in 2022.

She is the winner of Steria award for choreography and stage movement at the 67th Steria Theater in 2022.

He resides and works in Belgrade.



MILICA BAJIĆ ĐUROV, PhD, scenographer and costume desinger

Born in Belgrade. Graduated in 1999 at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade – Department of Scenography, and in 2003 obtained her MA in Film and TV Scenography. In 2010 she obtained her PhD in Art and Media Theory at the University of Arts in Belgrade.

She began his academic career in 2001 at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. As a visiting professor, she worked at several art faculties in the country and the region (the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka, the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje). She has been employed at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade since October 2018 as an assistant professor in the Department of Scenography.

She is the author of over 90 set and costume designs for theater, film and TV. She is the winner of numerous awards (Annual award of ULUPUDS for the years 2019/2015/2014/2010; Annual award for scenography “Marija Kulundžić” of the Small Theater “Duško Radović”, for the show The King is Naked! in 2016; award “Krstomir Milovanović ” of the 16th festival “Days of Zoran Radmilović” for the visual identity of the show the Minister’s Wife of the National Theater of the Serbian Republic, Banja Luka, 2007; plaque of the 38th May Exhibition for the set design of the show Emigrants of the National Theater of Nis, 2006; award for the set design of the show X+Y =0 of the festival “Bora’s Theater Days”, Vranje, 2004, etc.)

She has been a member of the ULUPUDS Section of Scenography and Costume Design since 2001 (president of the section 2012–2015, president of the Art Council of ULUPUDS 2015–2018).

She is the author of several professional scientific papers and a book on contemporary theater scenography, Scene images: 2010–2016 (published by Anonymous said:, 2017).





Olivera Milošević, journalist and theatrologist, Belgrade

Professor Milivoje Mlađenović PhD, writer and theatrologist, Sombor

Sašo Ognenovski, PhD, theater critic, Bitola

Nataša Gvozdenović, journalist and theater critic, Novi Sad

Jelena Popović, a dramaturge and pedagogue, Niš

Igor Burić, journalist and theater critic, Novi Sad



OLIVERA MILOŠEVIĆ, journalist and theatrologist, editorial chief at the Culture and Art Department of the Serbian Radio Television Cultural and Artistic Program. She graduated in journalism from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade and continued graduate education in the sociology of culture and theater.

She started the career in journalism in 1988 at the Serbian Radio Television Belgrade Program. Theater is a subject she has been following since the launch of her career. Since 2000, she has been the editorial chief of the Belgrade and Morning Programs at the Serbian Radio Television and, since 2001, the editor at the Department of Culture and Art of the Serbian Radio Television. For 15 years, she authored, edited and hosted the Beokult TV show and was the author of theater features in the show.

She is the author, editor and host of the Bitef Chronicles, and numerous shows in the TV Feljton series – where she presents the work of remarkable theater makers.

Since the founding of the show Kulturni dnevnik, she has been one of its authors and editors.

Since 1993, she has been a member of the editorial board of the Ludus theater newspaper published by the Association of Drama Artists of Serbia.

She publishes theater-related authorial texts and interviews in the following newspapers, magazines and weekly editions: Ludus, Scena, Teatron, NIN, Građanski list, Prestup, Evropa, Nedeljnik, TFT.

She is the author of the series Teatrologike, dedicated to distinguished theatre artists in the region, as well as of the series Metamorfoze, presenting outstanding homeland art makers.

She is the author of the monography Nikita Milivojević: Here I Get off and of the editions Teatrologika 1 and 2.



Prof. MILIVOJE MLAĐENOVIĆ, PhD, writer and theatrologist,  (Bijeljina 1959) He graduated and obtained PhD at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. He was the general manager of the National Theater in Sombor (1989-2000), the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad (2003-2009), general manager of the Steria Theater Festival (2009-2012), the art consultant in the National Theater Steria in Vršac (2013-2015). He is the artistic director of the City Theater Semberija in Bijeljina. He is a full-time professor at the Faculty of Education in Sombor. In addition to professional and scientific works in the fields of literature and theater, he writes and publishes plays, literary criticism, essays. Research: Theatric Fairy tales of Aleksandar Popović, The Traits of Drama Fairy Tale; In the Castle of Traps – The Drama Potential of Children’s Poetry and Prose, The Intertextual Dreaming knitter: The Constitution of the Theatrical Character of Laza Kostić.

He also published the textbook Introduction to Theater Art for future teachers, edited the monograph In the Constellation of Milivoje Živanović and a large number of other publications.

Collections of dramatic texts for children: Baš Čelik and Other Fairy Tales Adapted for the Stage, Strange Beasts in Checking, etc.

He was the selector of Steria Theatre Festival (2021-2023) and numerous other significant theater festivals. His comedy Rabelais/Virtue/Sin was performed in the Šabac Theater, in the National Theater of Sombor drama The Pigeon Times (2016), Maestro (2017), Mrazović – Didactic Antidrama (2018), in the City Theater Semberija in Bijeljina (Republic of Srpska) A Comedy with a Developmental Disability, When I Was Swarthy at the Youth Theater in Novi Sad, and about fifteen of his dramatic works for children were performed on stages in Serbia and the region.

Awards: Nikola Petrović Peca for outstanding contribution to the development of theater art in Serbia, The City of Sombor October Award (2017) and others.



SAŠO OGNENOVSKI , PhD, theater critic, born in Bitola in 1964, where he completed primary and secondary education. Graduated from the University of St. Cyril and Methodius at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in 1987. Obtained the Master’s degree from the Institute for Sociological and Political-Legal Research, Department for Communication and Media in 2002. Received his doctorate in Public Relations and Media in Macedonia from the Institute for Communications and Media at the Faculty of Law in 2017. During his professional, artistic and scholar life, he also worked at the Faculty of Pedagogy, University of St. Kliment Ohridski in Bitola, as well as a professor at the International Slavic University Gavrilo Romanovič Deržavin. He participated in numerous symposia and conferences in Gothenburg, Oslo, Milan, London, Brussels, Bratislava, Sofia, Skopje, Ohrid, Bitola, Kruševo, etc. Author of more than fifty works in the fields of communication, public relations, pedagogy, literature, cultural studies and theater. Author of poetry collections Avalanche (1995), Fruits of Hell (2014), Desert Flower (2015) The Forest (2018), Changing the Past (2019); drama Fortress and Sorrow (2016), dramas for children Ordinary Fairy Tale (2002) and Magic Compass (2012), novels Grey Square (2019) and Tour (2020). His works are translated into Serbian, English, Arabic and Albanian. He himself translatd works from Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian and English. A member of the Macedonian Scientific Society, the International Theater Institute and the International Association of Theater Critics. During his professional career, he also wrote scripts and directed for for television. Writes theater, film and literary reviews. The founder and president of the association for the development of art and multiculturalism Perun Artis from Bitola. Editor of the international literary magazine Književni elementi and the electronic literary magazine

Lives and works in Bitola.



NATAŠA GVOZDENOVIĆ, a journalist and theater critic. Born in 1978. She writes texts and theater reviews for magazines and internet portals dealing with theatrology and theater critique in the region. A recipient of the Marko Kovačević award at the international theater festival MESS in Sarajevo by the Festival Directorate for a series of reviews published during the festival on the Radio Sarajevo portal. She was the editor-in-chief of the magazine Kultura, within the project Novi Sad – European Culture Capital.

Engaged in Critics Caravan project, initiated by the Association of Theater Critics and Theatrologists of Serbia. Member of AICT (International Association of Theater Critics). Graduated in comparative literature. Lives in Novi Sad.



JELENA POPOVIĆ (Priština, 1981), a dramaturge, pedagogue and parent.

She worked as a journalist, editor and dramaturge for newspapers, radio, television and theater, and as a screenwriter and co-author she participated in several television and stage projects in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She is the author of plays for children: Rain (Theatre “Boško Buha”, Belgrade, 2014), Ladybug (Puppet Theater “Pinocchio”, Belgrade, 2017 and Zagreb Puppet Theatre, Zagreb, 2019), Miraculous Match (Little Theater “Duško Radović”, Belgrade, 2019), Rogue from the Fireplace (AZIU “Peripetije”, Niš, 2018) and Blue Dandelion (“Dragon Children’s Games” Award for monodrama for children, 2017); drama: Dark Monday, Disgusting story, White blackbird, Same song, Marko Kraljević (GD “Filip Višnjić”, Istočno Novo Sarajevo, 2012); novels: Ace in the category of trampled (Pristina, 1998) and Lena (Belgrade, 2006).

She is currently the editor of children’s literature at the Niš Cultural Center, where she has been leading the creative writing workshop for children “Mali kružok” since 2022. She is a member of the Association of Dramatic Artists of Serbia and the Association of Dramatic Writers of Serbia. She currently resides and writes in Nis.



IGOR BURIĆ (Tuzla, 1976) Journalist and theater critic of the Novi Sad daily newspaper Dnevnik. He graduated in philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. He is currently writing a master’s thesis in psychology at the Lazar Vrkatić Faculty in Novi Sad.

Already as a philosophy student, he wrote and published texts on the theory and criticism of culture, new media, literature, music, theater, film, and interdisciplinary art forms. Since 2003, he has also been writing theater critics, thus continuing the great tradition of the newspaper where he was employed in 2002.

In addition to working in Dnevnik, he writes articles, interviews, reviews as an occasional contributor to the theater magazines Scena and Ludus, but also for other print and internet media.

He edited the Interzone magazine of the Festival of Current Music, the Bulletin of the Festival of Professional Theaters of Vojvodina, the Bulletin of the Stanar Group for Conceptual Policies and the Center for New Media kuda org.

He moderated talks in the programs of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, the Festival of Professional Theaters of Serbia, the Desire Contemporary Theater Festival of the Kostolanji Deže Theater in Subotica, the Steria Theater and BITEF.

He chaired the jury of the Festival of Professional Theaters of Vojvodina, the jury of the International Association of Theater Critics/IACT at the Steria Theater in Novi Sad and at the MESS in Sarajevo.

He was co-selector of the 54th Steria Theater with Vladimir Kopicla.

He is a member of the Association of Theater Critics and Theatrologists of Serbia.

For his writing and other professional achievements, he received an annual award from the newspaper Dnevnik in 2004 and 2017.

In 2005 he received recognition outside the house where he works, when he received the Konrad Adenauer Foundation award of the Novi Sad School of Journalism for the best young journalists.

At the 59th Steria Theater (2014), he received the Steria award for theater criticism Miodrag Kujundžić, one of the greatest recognitions in Serbian culture.

He writes songs, plays and sings in a band I have to ask Igor.




Borka Trebješanin, Politika, Belgrade

Tatjana Njezic, Blic, Belgrade

Miljana Nikolic, Belami, Niš