On the theater anniversary on Saturday, March 11, when the Niš National Theater celebrates 136 years of existence, an exhibition of photos by Radomir Nikolić MORAVAC will be opened at 7:30 p.m. in the lower foyer of the theater. The exhibition was put on in cooperation with the Museum of Theater Arts of Serbia, and the author of the exhibition is Aleksandra Milošević, MA, museum advisor.

About Radomir Nikolic Moravac

He was born in the family of Vladimir, a blacksmith, and Savka, a seamstress, at a time when crafts were valued and important in life choices.

The first encounters with photography, at village gathering places, awakened in him admiration and curiosity for that undiscovered magic. During his high school days in Aleksinac, thanks to his friendship with the photographer Voja Milošević – Prokinac, he began to study the trade that marked his future life. His knowledge of photography allowed him an easier and less difficult life during his captivity in Vienna and the opportunity to work in one of the most elite photography studios there. Despite the opportunity to continue his life and education in Vienna, as he said, he belonged to Morava in body and soul.

Upon return to his native region, he was employed as a photojournalist at the Headquarters of the First Army and then decided to get recognition for his craft, which he mastered more and more skillfully. With a photo of his wife and daughter, he passed the master’s exam and moved to Niš. He immortalized his love for his native land in his artistic nickname – MORAVAC, becoming one of the first artistic photographers of the post-war period.

Important periods of the cultural, industrial and historical development of Niš and its surroundings were recorded in his studios – from the home pantry, through the Niška Banja to the present one in Pašićeva street.

During the golden age of the Niš National Theater under the management of Ljubiša Ružić and Bora Trajković, MORAVAC became a theater photographer in 1954, at the invitation of Eugen Verber. He immortalized many unsurpassed gems of his and his theatrical craft with the camera of court photographer Sotir Nedeljković from 1878.

He was also involved in advertising photography for the Tobacco Industry and the Electronics Industry in Niš. Among the first, since 1961, worked with color photography, and he recorded the supreme beauty of nature and his oasis on Jastrebac with the perfection of a great master.

It is always a happy time for photography as a craft because everything remains recorded, and only the black and white technique remains for history. The secret is in the silver, said Radomir Nikolić MORAVAC, Niš master of photography.


Aleksandra Milošević, MA, museum advisor

Museum of Theater Art of Serbia