Miroslav Dokman, a great theater lover and friend of the National Theater in Nis, conquered the highest peak in South America – Akonkagwa and on that occasion opened the flag of the Nis National Theater!
Akonkagwa is located in Argentina and is 6,962 meters high. The mountaineers spent 13 days on lower climbs to get acclimated. The conditions were very difficult. Strong wind, the cold and lack of oxygen almost prevented any progress. The final phase is only 2,700 m long, but it took almost 9 hours to cross it. The route led through the Indepedencia at 6,300 m, the Traverse at 6,400 m to the steep and dangerous Canaleta 6,500 to 6,800 meters. Preslap claims that the Canaleta has almost completely exhausted the mountaineers. Yet they gathered their strength and conquered the highest peak not only of South America but also of western and southern hemispheres.
The expedition led by Zoran Pavlovic from Predejan also included Dejan Milojevic, Saso Paligora, Dragan Tadic and Predrag Lucic.
On this occasion, we would like to thank everyone who took part in this expedition, congratulate them on their great achievement and wish them good luck on their further climbs!


photo: Zoran Pavlovic