March 27 is marked as the World Theater Day, and on that occasion, traditionally, since 1962, in all theaters, before the performance of the show, the message of one of the prominent theater creators is read.

The traditional message on the occasion of the World Theater Day, which is published every year by the International Theater Institute (ITI), was sent this year by Shahid Nadim, the most significant playwright in Pakistan.

Due to the current situation we find ourselves in and the impossibility to read the message before the performance in front of our audience, in the theater hall, the drama champion of the National Theater in Nis, Aleksandar Mihailovic addressed the audience and all theater lovers via video message. He read the message of Shahid Nadim entitled THEATER AS A SANCTUARY and once again invited all citizens to stay at their homes and watch one of the online performances of our or any other world theater tomorrow.