“At least I’m not a woman” – guest performance on the scene of the Niš Theatre

On Monday, May 20th, starting at 8 pm, the National Theatre in Niš will host a guest performance produced by Beo Art, “If Only I Weren’t a Woman,” by Nina Džuver, directed by Vladan Djurković. The actresses in the play are Milica Stefanović and Vaja Dujović. The plot shows a young migrant woman from Afghanistan, Zahra in her escape to Europe. We follow Zahra’s fight at the border through two courses of action, one with the smuggler Rah and in parallel her struggle with the ruthless immigration system that officer Fatima represents. All three women are tragic heroes, and Zahra is the one who will try to break the vicious circle of violence and abuse of women unfortunately inherent to the modern age.

Tickets for the show at a price of 400 RSD (the stalls) and 300 RSD (balcony) can be bought at the box office.