As part of the Days of the Serbian Republic event in Serbia, on September 26 at 7:30 p.m., the concert “The three” – Grumpies” will be performed at the National Theater in Nis, which will also end this year’s event.


The theme of the concert is love, inspired by Petar Kočić’s letters that he wrote by hand and sent to his wife Milka by mail. In addition to the music program, letters will be read in which Petar Kočić openly, without any calculation, expresses his emotions and declares them to his beloved. With humorous anecdotes, the audience is led to compare the past and present time, both in the social aspects of society, and in the technology that is developing more and more rapidly and to which we are increasingly slaves… And love, as a permanent and essential human need, suffers, but also resists and finally wins!

The composition of “The Three” consists of vocal soloists Maja Tatić, Svetlana Ceca Vidović and Ružica Čavić.


This performance is free, and anyone interested can pick up free tickets at the theater box office.