Rehearsals of the play “Apple” written by Vern Thiessen and directed by Aleksandra Kovačević have started this weekend in the National Theatre in Niš.

The premiere of the play is planned for June, and it is the eighth premiere this season at the scene of the National Theatre in Niš.

The plays by the contemporary Canadian writer, the winner of numerous awards, have been translated and performed in many European and world theatres. The play speaks of a love triangle, dealing with the emotions and relationships between people from different perspectives, by means of which the author skillfully and relentlessly elaborates the metaphor of the Garden of Eden.

The authorial team includes costume designer Ljiljana Petrović, composer Bata Zlatković, theatre speech instructor Nataša Ilić and organizer Miloš Pavlović.

Actors: Danilo Petrović, Katarina Mitić Pavlović and Kristina Tomić, g.a.