In order to prevent the occurrence of the disease caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), public institutions are planning activities to protect the health of citizens and employees, and to prevent a negative impact on the economy and society.

Measures should be seriously implemented according to the adopted and flexible action plan, which is specific to each institution according to its activities, and involve employees in their development and implementation.


A plan regarding the impact of the pandemic on the institution

Activity                                                                                                Completed         In progress         Started

Designate a coordinator and / or team for COVID19,

define roles and responsibilities and plan activities in

accordance with the work process and activities of the institution x

Identify the most important resources (eg raw materials,

suppliers, services, logistics) during the pandemic, which

are necessary to maintain the business                                                    x

Analyze the existing and prepare additional workforce

(eg employees in other positions, with other responsibilities,

retirees) and reallocate human resources in the institution                                            x

Develop and plan for an increase or decrease in demand

for services during a pandemic (eg effects of limiting

mass gatherings, need for hygiene products, etc.)                                                                                    x

Determine the possible impact of a pandemic on an

institution, using multiple possible scenarios                                        x

Determine the possible impact of a pandemic on

business travel at home and abroad (eg quarantine,

border closure)                                                                                                   x

Use updated and reliable pandemic information from

public health institutions and other relevant services                                                        x

Establish a communication plan in the institution and

periodically revise it (identify key contact persons and their

replacements), the communication chain (including suppliers

and consumers), as well as the processes for monitoring

and informing about the state of business and employees.                                                                   x

Introduce employees to the action plan and explain the

obligations and duties in the workplace                                                   x

Conduct an exercise to check the plan and identify deficiencies

that need to be corrected                                                                            x


A plan regarding the impact of the pandemic on employees and customers

Activity                                                                                   Completed      In progress         Started

Provide ways to allow leave of absence to employees

during a pandemic due to factors such as isolation,

illness of the employee, a member of his family,

interruption of public transport, etc.                                                                       x

Implement guidelines to modify contacts

(eg, handshakes, sitting in meetings, due to

office schedules, and shared workspaces) between

employees, as well as between employees and

clients (see recommendations in the form of brief

instructions, as well as https://covid19 .rs)                            x

Assess employees’ access to health care, as well

as the extent to which it is available to them during

a pandemic, and align services to clients in line

with new circumstances                                                                                                x

Assess staff access to mental health and social services

during a pandemic, including resources from the business

sector, local communities and religious organizations, and

improve services as needed                                                                                                                        x

Identify employees and clients with special needs (pregnant

women, mothers with small children, chronically ill), as

well as risky jobs                                                                               x


Identify policies, recommendations and attitudes to be implemented during a pandemic

Activity                                                                                   Completed      In progress        Started

Establish a policy regarding flexible workplace

(work from home) and flexible working hours                      x

Establish recommendations to prevent the

spread of corona infection and monitor their

implementation (eg by promoting personal

hygiene and rapid isolation of people who

develop symptoms of the disease, better control

of hygiene and disinfection of the area)                                                                  x

Establish recommendations for employees who

have been exposed to the infection or are

suspected of being ill                                                                                                      x

Establish travel restriction policies as well as

guides for employees returning from areas with

intensive coronavirus virus transmission                                x

Designate responsible persons and procedures for

activating and revoking the institution’s response

plan in the case of COVID19, as well as for changes

in business operations                                                                                                                                   x


Provide resources to protect employees and clients during a pandemic

Activity                                                                                   Completed      In progress         Started

Provide a sufficient amount of hygiene products

(eg disinfectants), as well as personal protective

equipment (masks, gloves, etc.) in all business units

of the institution                                                                                                              x

Provide suitable employees with work from home

and clients with access to remote services, if possible      x

Provide consultation with health workers regarding

the pandemic                                                                                                                                         x


Communication with employees and education during the pandemic

Activity                                                                                   Completed      In progress         Started

Develop and distribute educational materials on

transmission of the virus, on preventive measures

and response strategies (hand hygiene, rules of

conduct when coughing / sneezing, contingency

plans) using official recommendations of the

Ministry of Health and other relevant institutions              x

Control fear and anxiety in employees, as well as

the appearance of misinformation                                                                            x

Ensure that the communication is culturally and

linguistically adapted to the people for whom

it is intended                                                                                                                     x

Distribute information to employees about the

pandemic response program                                                                                       x

Communicate with employees who are in treatment

as well as their family members                                                                                                 x

Develop platforms for timely and consistent notification

of the pandemic situation and activities of employees,

suppliers and customers, including the emergency

contact system                                                                                  x

Identify sources that will provide timely and accurate

pandemic information                                                                                                                          x


Coordination of activities with the community

Activity                                                                                Completed         In progress         Started

Designate a person who will communicate and

cooperate with health care institutions                                  x

Cooperate with the relevant epidemiological

services in charge of responding to emergencies

in order to participate in their planning processes,

present their plans in a pandemic and find out

what their capacities and plans are

Communicate with local and / or state public

health services and / or emergency services

about the resources and / or services that a

public institution could contribute to the local community

Share best practices with other institutions and

associations in the local community, to improve the

community’s efforts to respond to a pandemic response plan



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Spasoje Z. Milovanovic, general manager