Based on the movie namesake


Aleksandar Marinković

Principal Drama Artist of the National Theater in Niš and theatre member for twenty-five years. During this period, he has played more than fifty roles in the home theater and numerous roles in other theaters in Serbia as well (Kragujevac, Zaječar, Lazarevac, Belgrade, Leskovac), etc.

He has won numerous awards at important theater festivals in the country: The Days of Comedy in Jagodina (twice), The Festival of Professional Theaters of Serbia “Joakim Vujić” (Grand Prix), The Festival of Premiere performances in Aleksinac, “The Days of Milivoje Živanović” in Požarevac, “Vršac Theater Autumn”. He is the winner of the Golden Badge, awarded by the Cultural and Educational Association of Serbia. He was engaged in theater pedagogy.

Significant roles: Volođa in Dear Jelena Sergejevna (B. Dimitrijević), Petručio in The Taming of the Shrew (M. Karadzic), Prince of Wales in Edmund Keane (I. Mensur), Ninković in The Lady Minister (D. Jovanović), Mića the Army Officer in Limunacija (N. Bradić), Leka in The Government and its opposition (E. Savin), Zobar in Gypsies fly up to sky (D. Stanojević).



A note from the director

I love the musical. I truly love, respect and look forward to this theatrical genre, whether as a protagonist, director or spectator. I consider it special and close. For me, it is the theatrical form of the future. What I have in mind are not only the Broadway franchises and musical comedies, but rather serious ideas and topics implemented through this divine genre form.

Recently, I watched on the national television a guest appearance by my professor Svetozar Rapajić, director, professor emeritus, former dean of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, one of the founders of the Terazije Theater and a pioneer of musical theater, talking about the musical as a phenomenon. He draws attention to the fact that this, unjustly pushed aside and by means of a pejorative term “boulevard” treated genre, in fact provides a talented author with an unfathomable and endless range of topics and ideas, as an opportunity to deal with this form thoroughly, honestly and deeply. They are of social, political, welfare oriented, to philosophical nature. My esteemed professor reminds that the great European musical theaters have been getting their fame by combining important and great themes with the specifics of this genre.

And I, enchanted by, delighted and irrevocably in love with that theatrical embrace that is made up with the enticing tone of our orchestra’s saxophone, the skillful turn of a seductive female dancer, the divine voice of a female choir singer and the word of a good male actor, begin my first directorial leaps in the musical with vaudeville comedy and a musical-stage homage to the timeless film “Some Like It Hot” from 1959. My musical is a panegyris to my favorite film comedy, a magnificent acting trio and a famous director.

Long live the musical!

Aleksandar Marinković




Music: Nikola Dragović

Lyrics: Branislav Nedić

Sung by: Stefan Mladenović



Musical arrangement: Filip Stipsić, Predrag Branković

Lyrics: Branislav Nedić

Sung by: Aleksandar Marinković, Uroš Milojević



Musical arrangement: Mila Pužić, Natalija Stamenković, Milica Krasić

Lyrics: Branislav Nedić

Sung by: Mila Pužić, Natalija Stamenković, Milica Krasić, Jasminka Hodžić, Maja Dejanović, Bratislava Milić



Music: Aleksandar Stevanović

Lyrics: Branislav Nedić

Sung by: Jovan Krstić



Music: Aleksandar Stevanović

Lyrics: Aleksandar Marinković, Uroš Milojević

Sung by: Aleksandar Marinković, Uroš Milojević



Musical arrangement: Goran Savić, Nikola Stanojević

Lyrics: Branislav Nedić

Sung by: Mila Pužić, Natalija Stamenković, Milica Krasić, Maja Dejanović, Bratislava Milić



Musical arrangement: Marijan Cvetanović

Lyrics: Branislav Nedić

Sung by: Dragana Mićalović



Music and lyrics: Aleksandar Stevanović

Sung by: Uroš Milojević




Musical rrangement: Nenad Tančić

Sung by: Dragana Mićalović



Music: Dragana Mićalović, Aleksandar Stevanović

Lyrics: Dragana Mićalović, Natalija Stamenković

Sung by: Dragana Mićalović

Narodno pozoriste Nis


Sugar Cane - Dragana Mićalović, *g.p.
Joe - Aleksandar Marinkovic
Jerry - Uros Milojevic
Sweet Sue - Jasminka Hodžić
Bienstock - Danilo Petrović
Sir Osgood - Jovan Krstić, *g.p.
The Spitting Image of Palazzo - Stefan Mladenović
Olga - Bratislava Milić
Dolores - Maja Dejanović, *g.p.
Rosella: Mila Pužić, *g.p.
Mary Lu - Milica Krasić, *g.p.
Skin-and-bone Norton - Aleksandar Stevanović, *g.p.
Silky - Marko Milisavljević, *g.p.
Slick - Mateja Mitic, *g.p.
Gangster 1 – Dušan Petrović, *g.p.
Gangster 2 – Željko Tasić, *g.p.
Gangster 3 – Petar Ščepihin, *g.p.
Gangster 4 – Aleksa Stojiljković, *g.p.
Bellhop – Vuk Marinković, *g.p.

* Guest performance

Mila Pužić, Natalija Stamenković, Milica Krasić, Marko Milisavljević

Orchestra (Theater Band):
Aleksandar Stevanović - keyboards, Marijan Cvetanović - trumpet, Filip Stipsić - saxophone, Nikola Stanojević - trombone, Goran Savić - guitar, Predrag Branković - bass, Nenad Tančić - drums.

Contra Dance Studio performers:
Danica Ničić, Anđelija Ćulibrk, Anja Tonsa Milovanović, Atina Vasovic, Katarina Lakić, Jelena Martinović, Nikita Kostić, Jovana Ristić, Miona Macić, Irina Stošić, Jelena Živković, Aleksandra Popović, Dušan Petrović, Željko Tasić, Petar Ščepihin and Aleksa Aleksa Stojiljković from the stage - Art center Duende.

A big Thank You to the ArtLoft Hotel for the hospitality shown during the filming of the video material, and to the actor of the National Theater Niš, Miroslav Jović.

Technical Crew

Stage manager: Dobrila Marjanović
Tone design: Slobodan Ilić
Realization of sound and video effects: Vladislav Đorđević
Lighting design: Vojkan Dobrović
Light: David Jovanović
Prompter: Vanja Šukleta

Technical director: Dejan Mitić
Stage master: Slaviša Filipović
Decorators: Srđan Kitanović, Miodrag Đorđević, Mića Lazarević, Radomir Pešić, Marin Rajić
Props: Dragan Nikolić
Wardrobe: Dušica Mladenović, Marko Dinić
Make-up artists, wigmakers: Ljiljana Rašić, Marija Cvetanović
Tailoring: Marina Stevanović, Vladimir Pekić
Tailor's shop:”Šnajder”
Male costumes craft: Toplica Dinić
Workshop: Bogoljub Đorđević, Goran Stanković, Dragan Perić, Branislav Nikolić Procurement: Bogdan Todorović, Zoran Denčić
Driver: Nebojša Šarčević

Narodno pozoriste Nis
The musical script is based on its movie namesake
Aleksandar Marinković
Branislav Nedić
Assistant director and video works
Stefan Krasić
Set designer / Costume designer
Katarina Pavlović
Music associate
Irena Popović Dragović
Nebojsa Gromilić
Assistant choreographer
Danica Ničić
Piano Accompaniment
Aleksandar Stevanović
Stage speech editor
Nataša Ilić
Ivana Madić
Premiere performance held on
February 20, 2022