The National Theatre in Niš has a rich theatre, festival and poetry program. Milovanović: the stage play “The Travelling Troupe Šopalović ” opens the first meeting of the Balkan countries.

This month, the National Theatre in Niš has prepared theatre and poetry program for the audience; therefore the stage will be full from January 15th. The curtain will be raised by a poet, playwright and screenwriter Milena Marković, who will read her poems, and two guest performances and a few local ones will take place by the end of January. The preparations for the first festival of the Balkan countries “Theatre at the Crossroads” is well under way in this theatre, and nine premieres will take place in the course of this theatre season!

Matija Bećković raised the poetic “curtain” (in cooperation with the Radio Belgrade2) last month, before the full theatre auditorium, and Charles Simić will be arriving in March to read his poems to the citizens of Niš.

– Every last Monday of the month, we organize music and poetry evenings “Actors read poetry”. This program’s income is dedicated for the purchase of books by Niš poets, which we will then donate to district libraries at the end of the season – reveals Spasoje Ž. Milovanović, who was appointed theatre manager last August, and since that time has introduced many novelties and programs. – I did something similar in the National Theatre Museum, while I was drama manager of the National Theatre in Belgrade, but it did not have such a big response as it does here. It turned out that the audience was eager to hear the great actors reading the poems of their own choice, but also the greatest contemporary poets reading their poems.






Milovanović started his term as theatre manager with the premier of the “Women Painters” (directed by Stevan Bodroža), and continued it with “Limunation” (Nebojša Bradić) and “Playing in the Sand”, directed by David Alić. The premiere of the play “Ice Cream” by Miro Gavran is announced for February 9th (directed by Milovanović), and a month later Simović’s “The Travelling Troupe Šopalović” will be performed.

– The premiere is planned for March 11th,the Theatre Day, when the festival “Theatre at the Crossroads” begins. We intend to include thirteen countries from the Balkan region, from Turkey to Italy – Milovanović explains.

By the end of the season, “The Duchess of the Folies Bergeres ” (directed by Jug Radivojević) will be performed, “Apple” shall be set on the stage by Snežana Trišić, “As You Like It” by Nikita Milivojević and “Ivko’s Feast” by Bojan Stojčević.


THE FIRST of the two guest performances (the result of the cooperation of the Belgrade CI “Vuk Stefanović Karadžić”, the First suburban Theatre “Puls Theatre” from Lazarevac and Cultural Centre Pančevo): the stage play “At Shaitan’s” directed by Stevan Bodroža. Drama “The Ghosts” directed by Andrej Nosov is the result of the coproduction of “Beo Art”, “Heartefact”, Bitef Theatre and MESS Festival from Sarajevo.