In the Podgorica City Theater, production of the play “Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio, directed by Dejan Projkovski, which will premiere on July 28 at this year’s Bar Chronicle festival began. This project is a co-production of the National Theater in Niš, the Bar Chronicle and the City Theater in Podgorica.

The show will premiere in front of the Nis audience at the 4th”Theatre at the Crossroads” festival, which will be held from September 4 to 11 this year.

The Decameron (which translates as Ten Days) is considered one of the most significant works of Italian and European literature. It consists of a collection of 100 novellas, written between 1350 and 1353. All the stories are connected by a framework that tells how seven girls and three young men took refuge from the plague that was ravaging Florence and spent 10 days telling a story each day.

It is a medieval allegorical text, and the stories are of the most diverse character – from erotic to tragic. Each story is imbued with the message that one should enjoy every moment of life, as well as criticism of various social phenomena of that era. This great work of art, although with elements of an entertaining character, represents an important historical document of life in the 14th century.