12:00   Promotion of the edition of the National Theatre in Niš

Mission Worthy of Respect

National Theatre in Niš 1988 – 2017

By Slobodan Krstić


About the Book:

SpasojeŽ. Milovanović, general manager of the theatre

Branislav Miltojević, reviewer, publicist, multimedia creator

Aleksandar Mihailović, actor

Dejan Petković, theatrologist, member of the Theatre at the Crossroads Festival Council

Velibor Petković, writer and journalist and

Slobodan Krstić, author of the book, journalist, publicist and theatre chronicler




18:00   Clio Publishing House and the Story of One Edition

Ars Scene at the Crossroads


About the Edition:

Nebojša Bradić, edition editor

Zoran Hamović, editor in chief




17:00   Promotion of the monograph by Tatjana Nježić

Milena Dravić – More than Art

About the Book:

Tatjana Nježić and Aleksandar Milosavljević




18:00 Promotion of the journal on theatre art in the region

Ludus, editor in chief Tatjana Nježić

Scena, editor in chief Miloš Latinović and Aleksandar Milosavljević

Croatian ITI Centre, journals of performing arts

Željka Turčinović, president of Croatian ITI Centre




18:00   Book Promotion

Introduction to Applied Theatre by Darko Lukić

About the Book:

Darko Lukić,author

Aleksandar Milosavljević, critic and

Spasoje Ž. Milovanović, theatrologist




18:00    Promotion of the editions of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade

Art and Resistance Culture by Milena Dragićević Šešić

Musical Theatre as an Artistic Synthesis by Svetozar Rapajić

About the Books:

Svetozar Rapajić, Professor Emeritus at the FDA, Belgrade

Ivan Medenica, Ph.D., Full Professor at the FDA, Belgrade and

Predrag Cvetičanin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts in Niš




18:00 Promotion of HEARTEFACT Contemporary Drama Competition – Public reading of the play Survival from 2018 competition

Heartefact Competition is recognizable both in professional, but also in the wider cultural public, which is supported by the fact that a number of award-winning texts later won the leading regional festival awards and affirmed their authors into the leading theatre people of the region.The play Survival, co-authored by Mina Ćirić and Jasmina Večanski, will be read by Kristina Tomić, Martina Kitanović and Stefan Mladenović. The reading is directed by theatre director Andrej Nosov.




18:00    Book Promotion

Anecdotes and Lines from Theatre Life by Milovan Zdravković


About the Book:

Milovan Zdravković, holds a Ph.D. in dramatic arts, author of the book

Spasoje Ž. Milovanović, theatrologist

Aleksandar Gaon, on behalf of the publisher

Miroljub Nedović, actor

Ivana Nedović, actress



Accompanying Program will be held at the upper foyer of the Theatre

The Organizer reserves the right to change the program




Panel Discussion
Theatres of the Balkans– Cooperation at the Crossroads

We are pleased to invite you to the Panel Discussion „Theatres of the Balkans – Cooperation at the Crossroads“ that will be organized by the National Theatre in Niš and held on March 16th and 17th, 2019 as a part of the First International Festival Theatre at the Crossroads.
We believe that the Panel Discussion, thanks to the exhibition by theatre creators, theatrologists and theatre experts, but also by constructively confronting the opinions and attitudes of the participans, will point to specific points of possible cooperation of theatres and theatre creators from a wide area bounded by the Balkan historical influences, but also in the context of recent circumstances that have often been perceived by the general public as separation factors, and rarely as cohesion elements.
Given that the theatre always questions its own time, and it does it in specific spatial coordinates, we believe that this Panel will allow for establishing real opportunites of various forms of cooperation, as well as the exchange of relevant information, with an aim to hear questions concerning theatre audience in a much wider area compared to the one our individual theaters currently address.
At the same time, we are sure that this, and hopefully the future panels in Niš, will not only contribute to a more fruitful coopration and intensify creative contacts of theatres and creators who recognize each crossroads as a challenge, but will also contribute to even better profiling of our festival.
The potential forms of cooperation are recognized in a variety of new and different forms and they concern the following:
– Exchange of performances,
– Exchange and systematic translation of dramatic texts of contemporary authors,
– Fluctuation of theatre creators,
– Exchange of other theatre resources,
– Distribution of theatre information,
– Planning joint productions (co-productions),
– Cooperation within the Association of Regional Theatre Festivals,
– Cooperation within the Association of Theatre Critics and Theatrologists of Serbia,

Public discussion moderators will be Nebojša Bradić, theatre director, and Aleksandar Milosavljević, theatre critic and theatrologist.
Taking into account the theses mentioned here only as a rough framework, please define and send to us the specific topic of your presentation for the Panel. Presentations of the participants in the Panel will be prepared for printing and published in Serbian and English after the authorization in the proceedings that will be promoted at the next edition of the festival in 2020.
Looking forward to your positive response and expecting you to confirm your participation in the Panel by _____.

Nebojša Bradić
Aleksandar Milosavljević
Members of the Council of the International Theatre Festival Theatre at the Crossroads