Mia Begovic, actress, Zagreb

Bogdan Costea, actor and director, Arad

Katerina Kocevska, actress and playwright, Skopje

Branislav Zaga Micunovic, director, Podgorica

Vlado Kerosevic, actor and professor, Tuzla


Mia Begovic, already in 1986, at the age of 23, which is also the year of her graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, was proclaimed the most popular actress of Yugoslavia. The first prize of the profession is BRAMS, 1979. The roles in the theater and in front of the cameras follow, the continuity of playing on almost all the stages of the Republic of Croatia and many in Europe, USA, Australia.

Out of a hundred theater and about forty movie and television roles, the following stand out: Goethe – Iphigenia (Dubrovnik Summer Festival – Orlando Award), M. Juric Zagorka – Baroness Lehotska (Zagreb Cultural Summer Award), Krleza – Baroness, Melder – Kranansteg, Olbi – Marta…

Her biggest pride is in her author project, the monodrama Everything I was silent about, with which she performs at all eminent festivals. She is a PhD student at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, as a supporter of lifelong learning.


Bogdan Costea, born on November 30, 1967 in Arad, Romania.
Since 1991, he has acted at the Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre in Arad. He has been the director of this theater since 2001. He also worked as a television presenter from 1995 to 2017, a television producer and director from 2009 to 2015. Since 1991 he has performed in 46 theatre plays. He has two daughters.


Katerina Kocevska (1959, Skopje).

Graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje in 1982.

Member of Drama Theatre – Skopje since 1983.

Theater, film and TV actress.

Author of plays and director of her drama Lovers (currently on repertoire at the Drama Theatre).

Winner of many acting awards.

Since 2018, she has been appointed as the director and selector of Republic of Northern Macedonias largest theater festival, “Vojdan Cernodrinski.”



Branislav Zaga Micunovic is a theater director and a longtime professor of acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje.

He is a regular and honorary member of several European academies of sciences and arts and an honorary PhD of several universities.

He has won numerous national and international awards and recognitions.

He was elected Minister of Culture of Montenegro for three terms.

He was the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Montenegro to the Republic of Serbia.


At the National Theater in Nis, he successfully directed the plays: Kostana by Bora Stankovic, Savior by Borislav Pekic and Ruženje naroda in two parts by Slobodan Selenic.



Vlado Kerosevic (1955, Husino near Tuzla, B&H), actor, full time Prof. at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Tuzla.
He graduated in 1978 from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in the class of Professor Miroslav Dedic. As a student, together with his colleagues, he founded one of the first informal theater troupes, the troupe Akt at theCultural Center Student City, which was subsequently a laureate of the MESS International Theater Festival in Sarajevo for two consecutive years. After his studies, he worked as an actor at the BoskoBuha Children’s Theater in Belgrade for one year.
From 1979 to 1995 he was permanently employed at the National Theater in Tuzla, where he played over 75 premiere projects as a headliner of Drama. From 1986 to 1993, in addition to acting, he served as the Artistic Director of the National Theater of Tuzla, founded and created the venue for children’s theater, as well as the Review of the Yugoslav Theaters. From 1995 to 1998 he was professionally engaged in Germany where he founded the traveling theater for children and adults “Stork” and prepared 4 premiere projects for refugees of all ages from the territory of the former Yugoslavia.
Since the founding of the Academy of Dramatic Arts at the University of Tuzla in 1998, he has worked there, starting as an expert of the profession, advancing to an assistant and finally becoming an Assistant Professor. In 2004, he was promoted to Associate Professor and appointed as the interim Dean, and in 2006 he was elected as the Dean of the ADA, University of Tuzla.
At the same time, he worked as the actor, director, dramaturge, producer, artistic director and manager in non-academic forms of artistic engagement, and in 2002, on World Theater Day, he founded the “Theater Cabaret Tuzla”, a new, alternative, experimental theater. Between 1998 and 2009, as an actor, director, artistic director, producer and educator, he was significantly engaged on about 80 different theater, film, radio and television projects.
He is the author and producer of 3 significant theater academic festivals: International Workshop of Street Theater, TKT Fest – Academic Theater Days and Academy Encounters at Theater Encounters of B&H in Brcko. He is a member of the Festival Programme Council of Theatre/Theater plays in Jajce, he is one of the founders of the Theater festival Bihac Summer and the founder of the notionand aesthetics of the reinstated post-war Theatre / Theater Meetings in Brcko.
Since 2017 he has been the Artistic Director of the Croatian Theater SOLI – “Tuzla Cabaret Theater”.
He has been awarded 33 times for his artistic and educational work.




Borka Trebjesanin, Politika, Belgrade

Tatjana Njezic, Blic, Belgrade

Tanja Mijovic, RTS 3, Belgrade

Miljana Nikolic, Belle Amie, Nis

Lidija Georgijev, RTS, Nis correspondence





Moderators of the critics roundtable

Olivera Milosevic, journalist and theatrologist, Belgrade

Bojan Munjin, journalist and theatrе critic, Zagreb


Olivera Milosevic, journalist and theatrologist, editor-in-chief in the Culture and ArtDepartment of the RTS Cultural and Artistic Program. Author of the TV series ‚‚Teatrologika”.
She holds a degree in journalism from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade and a postgraduate degree in Sociology of Culture and Theater.
She began her journalistic career in 1988 in the RTS Belgrade Program. Theater is an area she has been following since the beginning of her career. Since 2000, she has been the editor-in-chief of the Belgrade and Morning Programs in the Department of Culture of RTS. Since 2001, she has been the editor in the Department of Culture and Art of RTS. For 15 years, she was the author, editor and host of the Beokult TV show and author of its theater columns.
She is the author, editor and host of the Bitef Chronicles and numerous shows from the Feljton TV series – Portraits in which she presents the work of significant theater makers.
Since its founding, she has been one of the authors and editors of the show Kulturni dnevnik.
Since 1993, she has been a member of the editorial board of the Ludus theater newspaper published by the Association of Drama Artists of Serbia.
She publishes authored papers and interviews in the field of theater in newspapers, magazines and weeklies: Ludus, Scena, Teatron, NIN, Gradjanski listPrestup, Evropa, Nedeljnik, TFT.
She is the author of the series „Teatrologika” produced by „Hartefakt”, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information and is broadcasted on RTS.


Bojan Munjin (1954, Ljubljana), journalist and theatre critic.
He graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb.
He wrote theatre columns for Novi list from Rijeka, Feral Tribune from Split, Kazalište from Zagreb, Scena from Novi Sad, Dani from Sarajevo, NIN from Belgrade, Radio Zagreb 3 and Arkzin from Zagreb. Today, he publishes his reviews in Novosti– the weekly newsmagazine for Serbian Community in Croatia, Kulturni dodatak (Cultural News Adendum) to Politika and in Radio Belgrade 2.
He has been the moderatorof many theatre roundtable discussions, from the Small Scene Festival in Rijeka, MESS in Sarajevo, and BITEF in Belgrade and Yugoslav Drama Festival Without Translation in Užice, to Budva Theatre City.
He lives in Belgrade and Zagreb.





Igor Buric, Novi Sad, theater critic

Dejan Petkovic, Nis, theater critic

Prof. Milivoje Mladenovic, Sombor, PhD, writer and theatrologist

Prof. Nenad Novakovic, Banja Luka, PhD, expert in electronic media and cultural management

Claudiu Groza, Romania, theatrologist



Igor Burić (1976, Tuzla), theatre critic.
As a student of philosophy (Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad), he wrote and published texts on philosophy, theory and criticism of culture, new media, literature, music, theatre, film, and interdisciplinary art forms. As of 2003, he has been engaged in writing theatre criticism in Dnevnik from Novi Sad, by means of which he continues the great tradition of this newspaper. In addition, he writes articles, interviews, and reviews as a permanent and occasional contributor of almost all relevant theatre journals (Scena, Ludus, Pozorište), and other print and online editions.
As an „almost extraordinary phenomenon among young journalists in Dnevnik and cultural column”, Igor Burić won one of the annual awards of that newspaper for writing and other professional achievements in 2004. The recognition outside the newspaper house he works in came in 2005, when he won the third award for best young journalist in Novi Sad.
He won Sterija Award for theatre criticism in 2014.


Dejan Petkovic (Nis, 1972). He graduated majoring in the Serbian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis. Histhesis, “Aleksandar Popovic and the french dramatic avant garde”, has been included in the library of the best thesis works and published in the Faculty’s edition. He has been continuously publishing professional works and reviews in the field of theater, drama theory and media theory in the periodicals and the daily press – Teatron, Gradina, Niki analiticar, Pressing, Scena. At the KPGT radio station in Nis, he edited and hosted a specialized show on theater art. He is the author of several dramatic texts and screenplays for fiction-documentary films („Battle at Cegar”, 2006 and „Black Dawn”, 2007). He has received the award of the Nis Art ‒ Foundation for the drama „Via Dolorisi” (2007), the award for the best drama play at the 5th Joakim Inter Fest in Kragujevac for the play „Chosen and Destroyed”, by the National Theater in Nis (2008), as well as the Radio Belgrade Award for the radio drama „Miracle on the Bosphorus” (2013).
At the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, in the Department of Theory of Dramatic Arts, Media and Culture, he defends his doctoral dissertation entitled “Epic Communication Structures in Aleksandar Popovic’s Dramas”.


Milivoje Mlađenović (1959, Bijeljina), writer and theatrologist.
He has been simultaneously engaged in theatre practice (longstanding manager of the National Theatre in Sombor, manager of Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad, manager of Sterija Theatre in Novi Sad, artistic advisor of the National Theatre Sterija in Vršac), and pedagogical work (associate professor at the Faculty of Education in Sombor) and in scientific-research and work in theatrology in the field of literature and, in particular, dramatic literature for children (doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade).
He has written a dozen of plays for children performed at theatre stages in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. His comedy Rabelais / Virtue / Sin was performed in the Theatre in Šabac, the play Maestro,about the painter Milan Konjović, was performed at the National Theatre in Sombor.
He has authored a number of theatre studies,two books of theatre plays for children, books of aphorisms, theatre travel books, plays Scandalous Comedy, and Pheasant’s Eye in 2012, etc.
He is the selector of the ActingCeremonyMilivoje Živanović in Požarevac, and he has also been the selector of other important theatre events and a member of the jury of the most prestigious theatre festivals.
He is the winner of a number of awards for his artistic and social engagement including Nikola Petrović Peca Award for outstanding contribution to the development of theatre art in Serbia, Golden Badge by the Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia (KPZ), Golden Charter Laza Kostić for best reportage at the International Reportage and Media Festival Interfer, and October Award of the City of Sombor.
He lives in Sombor.


Nenad Novaković (1960, Gornji Vijačani, Prnjavor), journalist, expert in electronic media and management in culture.
He graduated in Yugoslav Literature and Serbo-Croatian Language from the Faculty of Philosophy in Priština, and earned his Ph.D. at the Faculty of Management at ALFA University in Belgrade. He worked as a journalist and editor of Radio and TV Priština, in daily newspapers Glas from Banja Luka and Oslobođenje from Sarajevo and cooperated with many youth and literary magazines and newspapers in SFRY. He was the director of Radio Banja Luka, Glas srpki and BEL television in Banja Luka.
He is the founder of the journal on social issues Aktuelnosti, magazine for market communications Kontakt, weekly magazine Puls, as well as magazine for visual communications Agon. He leads media and communication studies and IUT; he is an associate professor at BLC and has been the manager of the National Theatre of the Republic of Srpska since 2011.
He has authored a number of professional, scientific, and publicist texts, and has been the editor-in-chief and the editor of a number of books, anthologies, collected and selected works, and four books.
He is the winner of a number of awards for cultural contribution including Golden Badge by Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia (KPZ) for outstanding work in culture and medal„Nikola Tesla” by the German magazine New Dimensions in Science and magazine IVAS Art of Image.
He lives and works in Banja Luka.


Claudiu Groza is a Romanian theatrologist, curator and cultural expert. He is the curator of the International Festival of the New Theater in Arad since 2013 and Editor at „Tribuna” cultural magazine. He published several books of essays and reviews about Romanian theater and contemporary literature.



Festival review

Tanja Mijovic, Serbia, philosopher and cultural scientist

Tanja Mijovic was born in 1981 in Nova Varos, where she completed elementary and high school.
In 2005, she graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, in the Department of Philosophy. She worked at the same Faculty from 2005 to 2007 as a demonstrator and from 2006 to 2010 as secretary of the Serbian Philosophical Association. In 2006, she became a permanent Associateof the Radio Belgrade’s Third Program at the Radio-Television Serbia, and in 2011 she became the editor on the same medium. In addition to a number of thematic cycles in various fields of the humanities, she is the editor of the culturally informative program „Chronicle of the Third Program” and the program „Theater Actualities”.