Director Dušan Jovanovich and actors from the National Theatre in Niš managed to create a theatre play not for today’s time only; but a play that will be talked about as minister’s wife by Tanka Stoic or Ljubinka Bobić. And they succeeded in doing so. In Nušić’s comedy, the director powerfully played with the new and the unseen. The production does not suffer from dull perfection, yet it is powerful, exciting, dynamic, charged with the tragicomic energy.

„Minister’s Wife“, stage interpretation by Dušan Jovanović, is a modernized and very absurd portrait of madness and thirst for power, juicy and funny critique of our mentality, and a skillfully performed series of burlesque situations. Compared to Nušić’s text, the play is refreshed with a series of new motives, enriching the conceptual level of the play, as well as its comic values. It is meant for the story, for comments, for a long and beautiful theatre life and it  will be remembered as the play that seriously, dramatically even, comprehended Živka’s pain, while at the same time did not deprive Živka’s rise and fall of hilariousness of a higher order, hilariousness arising from the comprehensive inability to change something for real and for good.

Narodno pozoriste Nis


Živka, minister’s wife - Sanja Krstović
Darka, the daughter - Milena Jakšić
Raka, the son - Miloš Cvetković
Čeda Urošević, the son in law - Aleksandar Mihailović
Dr Ninković, the secretary of the Minister of Foreign Affairs - Aleksandar Marinković
Uncle Vasa - Dragoslav Savić
Aunt Savka - Jasmina Pešić
Aunt Daca - Jelena Lugonja
Hristina, her daughter - Nađa Nedović Tekinder
Jova Pop-Arsin - Aleksandar Krstović
Uncle Panta - Miroljub Nedović
Mile, his son - Danilo Petrović
Soja, the divorcee - Evgenija Stanković
Uncle Jakov - Oliver Šukletović
Sava Mišić - Risto Bukvić
Mrs. Nata Stefanovićka - Dragana Jovanović
English teacher - Zorica Stevanović
Anka, the maid - Maja Vukojević Cvetković
Rista Todorović, leather dealer - Oliver Šukletović
Pera Kalenić - Miroslav Jović
Pera, the notary from the administrative department - Dragiša Veljković

Narodno pozoriste Nis
Directed by
Dušan Jovanović
Branislav Đ. Nušić
Set Design
Jaka Ivanc
Costume Designer
Jelena Proković
Drago Ivanuša
May 14th, 2009

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