In the life of a macho, there must be priorities – the tavern must never suffer because of the family. The macho is a “ladies man,” he likes to drink, eat, and enjoys in “a chick singer singing on the table” with friends in a tavern. This type of a man is described in a 3D comedy of the National Theater based on the script and directed by Miroljub Nedović. Why 3D? As previously announced, the actors are there TO sing, TO dance and TO act.

In addition to singing, dancing and acting, this cabaret is also complemented with the interesting photos from the Internet, featuring man-woman relations, but from the point of view of men.

Women in “Machoism” are a bit complicated and demanding, but still inevitable topic in every man talk. They give them headaches, problems, prevent them from doing so many things, but “macho men” will not give them up at any price. A “macho men”, as a special type of men, have certain characteristic specific for the “stronger” sex from this region.

Originally conceived as a response to the play “Euphemism”, this comedy, however, goes a step further, and deals with not only man-woman relationships from the point of view of men, but is critical in relation to these macho men. The witty banters of the characters, though mostly familiar to the audience, have caused laughter and turbulent applause. Brief dialogues, in the form of confessions of the main characters about their experiences with women, pervaded by singing and dancing, and even though told for many times by now, represent the humor the audience responds to very well.

Narodno pozoriste Nis


Miroljub Nedović
Miroslav Jović
Dragoslav Savić
Aleksandar Krstić
Danilo Petrović

Technical Crew

Stage Manager: Hristo Zarkov
Video Operator: Slobodan Ilić
Sound Operator: Sreten Cvetković
Lighting Designer: Dragoslav Dobrosavljević
Prompter: Aleksandra Vukov
Props Master: Dragan Nikolić, Ozren Mitić
Dresser: Aleksandar Marjanović
Stage Master: Slaviša Filipović

Narodno pozoriste Nis
Narodno pozoriste Nis
Directed by
Miroljub Nedović
Miroljub Nedović
Costume Designer
Irena Belojica
Vojkan Dobrosavljević
December 24th, 2011