Co-production of the National Theater in Leskovac and National Theater in Niš


A word from the lady director

The first encounter with the drama Hasan-Aga’s Wife by Ljubomir Simović and with the folk tale that provided the basis for drama creation is full of emotions, yet also of a certain feeling of astonishment. The flabbergast emerges from the meeting of the present day and the world of drama, a world that at first sight is so far away that it is slowly becoming pale and incomprehensible.

Nevertheless, is that world so far away? And are the feelings, love and decisions that irrefutably mark the characters so incomprehensible?

Long had been our journey to meet Hasan-Aga’s Wife, her inner being, still also mutual relations and the inability to establish honesty, truth, equality, justice and openness. Long, turbulent, challenging, though beautiful. As, at the end of that journey love awaits. Firmly and steadfastly.

The journey along which space and time merged, differences got erased and comprehension conceived about the human nature showing the same traits for the whole species, and that circumstances cannot destroy humanity. That it is important to persevere and fight. And that we are all Hasan-Aga’s Wife.

Isidora Goncić


Lady Director’s biography


Born in 1990, in Belgrade. Graduated in Theater and Radio Directing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, in the class of professor Ivana Vujić.

She was the assisting director for the following plays: ZORBA THE GREEK (Mihajlo Vukobratović, Terazije Theater and Budva City Theater), PLAY POPOVIĆ (Ivana Vujić, Atelier 212 and Pančevo town Culture club), YOU, NUTTY AS FRUITCAKE (Nikola Bulatović, Terazije Theater and Čačak town culture club), ZONE OF THE ZAMFIRS (Kokan Mladenović, Terazije Theater), BETRAYAL (Goran Šušljik, The Yugoslav Drama Theatre), CASES/LOST IN SERBIA (Kokan Mladenović, DADOV), KAZIMIR AND KAROLINA (Snežana Trišić, Atelier 212).

Theater directing: THE MUSE, Muza Pavlovna (Culture club ˮVuk Karadžićˮ, 2012), INVITATION, Darko Marjanović (DADOV, 2012), THE FROG PRINCE, David Mamet (ˮMata Miloševićˮ,  the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, 2013), THE BALD SOPRANO, Eugène Ionesco (Atelier  212, 2014), THE SHE-BUTTERFLY, Milovan Glišić/Dimitrije Kokanov (DADOV, 2015), THE HICCUP, Vladimir Zujev (Culture club VUK, 2016), CINDIRELLA, Rodgers & Hammerstein (Emotion production), FROM A TO YES (Culture Club VUK, 2017), THAT CANNOT EXIST WITH US, Radivoje Domanović and Slobodan Obradović (National Theater in Pirot, 2018), SPOILER ALLERTS,  Marija Ogneva (VUK Theater, 2019), BON TON by Jasminka Petrović (Little Theatre Duško Radović, 2019), A FEAR OF BUTTERFLIES, Galina Maksimović (VUK Theater, 2019), WHITE KIDNEYS by Vedrana Klepica (Atelier 212, 2019), GULLIVER by Zoran Đerić (Little Theatre Duško Radović, 2020), THE PLACEBO by Aleksandar Jugović (National Theater in Priština/Gračanica, 2021), HANSEL AND GRETEL by Đorđe Kosilić (The Pinocchio puppet theater).

A Director of Poetic Performances (The Dormitory of High School ″Jelica Milovanović″) at the Dormitories Competition, 2015 and 2016, (THE RAVEN, Edgar Alan Poe and THE DEATH OF THE JUGOVIĆS’ MOTHER).

Director of THE SECOND APRIL BLOWING concert for the Nevski Quartet, in 2015. Co-director of THE OTHER SIDE OF NORMALITY concert, Take Over Festival (Kolarac Youth Council and Prostor Association).



Narodno pozoriste Nis


Hasan-Aga - Dragan Marjanović
Hasan-Aga’s wife - Mina Cocić
Hasan-Aga’s mother - Ivana Nedović
Count Pintorović - Filip Radivojević
Count Pintorović’s mother- Suzana Grujić
Jusuf Efendi - Predrag Smiljković
Ahmed - Dragiša Veljković
Suljo, Hasan-Aga’s soldier - Ivan Janković
Huso - Hasan-Aga’s soldier - Nikola Šćepanović
Musa - Filip Nedeljković

Technical Crew

Stage manager: Nevena Prokopijević
Technical and investment-technical maintenance director: Momir Pejatović
Props: Goran Cvektović
Decorator - stage master: Goran Kolarević
Decorator: Goran Mihajlović
Decorator: Milan Stamenković
Decorator: Aleksandar Petrović
Light: Dušan Veljković
Tone: Rista Grozdanović
Make-up artist: Milena Jović
Wardrobe: Vanja Sibinović
Tailoring – wardrobe: Radmila Medenica
Carpentry works: Vladica Cvetković

Narodno pozoriste Nis
Author of the folk tale
Ljubomir Simović
Lady Director
Isidora Goncić
Đorđe Kostić
Set design
Mina Miladinović
Irena Popović
Costume designer
Katarina Pavlović
Jovana Ikonić
Light design
Radomir Stamenković
Stage speech editor
Nataša Ilić
Nataša Nikolić Marjanović
Premiere performance held on
March 11, 2022