Desimir Stanojević (born in Niš in 1950), an actor at the National Theatre in Niš between 1970 and 1990, had over 80 roles (selection: Đido– Milić, Ivko’s Feat – Neko, Eternal Students– the Chief, The Forest – Nesrećković, Zona Zamfirova – Mane, The Adventures of Nikoletina Bursać – Nikoletina, Don Juan Returns from War– Don Juan, When Father Was Away on Business– the Father).
Since 1990 he has been engaged in Theatre on Terazije, where he has had over 30 roles (selection: Zorba the Greek– Zorba, Fiddler on the Roof– Tevye, The Marathon Family– Laki Topalović, Ivko’s Feast– Kalča, The Three Musketeers – Richelieu, Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven – Talimon and father Sobar, Jubilee – the Champion). He also played in other theatres in Belgrade (Belgrade Drama Theatre, Slavija Theatre, Little Theatre “Puž”).
He played in TV series, drama and movies of both local and foreign production (Happy People, The village is burning and the Grandmother is Combing her Hair), We Will Be World Champions, Lager Niš; RAI – Toulouse Lautrec, Caravaggio, Lo Scandalo Della Banca Romana, Paura di Amare, Restauratore).
He recorded 5 full-length TV show programs for RTS and RTV (Let the Song Hurt, My Beautiful Dreams Came Crashing Down, Evening in the Theatre, Musicals for All Times, Kalča’s Stories, children’s songs), as well as 4 albums for PGP RTS.
He directed over 10 performances (selection: Fiddler on the Roof, first musical in the history of the Theatre in Niš, Kafana kod svi, Sima Returns Home, Fishing on the Asphalt).
He participated in 8 festivals of pop, “old urban” and children’s music („Manager“ in Belgrade, „Belgrade Spring Fest“, „Tamburitza“ in Novi Sad, „Niš Autumn Fest “ – double winner). He won several prizes and awards for theatre, television and music.



Guided by the experience in musicals at the Theatre on Terazije, and after the success of the musical “Fiddler on the Roof” in Niš, which I directed and in which I acted, my wish was for Niš theatre scene to continue working on musicals and, in addition to Belgrade and Novi Sad, to continue having this popular genre on the repertoire. At the invitation of the ensemble and management of the Niš Theatre, I have chosen the musical Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven, because Niš has the potential to realize this demanding form (National Theatre, Puppet Theatre, choirs, ballet groups, SKC Academic Theatre, drama schools, music experts, sound design, choreographers, arrangers).
Stage script outline for Gypsies are Found Near Heaven was created  in cooperation with Nada Stanojević inspired by the short story Makar Chudra by Maxim Gorky. Gorki created „his“ Gypsies following the unusual romantic love between Rada and Sobar throughout the spacious steppe of Russia. Our wish was to complement their Gypsies with camps without the humble or the weak, but with people who love life, freedom, singing, playing. Such Gypsies can only „ find themselves near heaven“. The earth is too tight for them.
Russian Gypsy traditional music, full of passion and making the heart and the body dance to it, complements this unique love story and places it alongside Romeo and Juliet.



Narodno pozoriste Nis


Rada: Maja Vukojević Cvetković
Loiko Sobar: Aleksandar Marinković
Makar Chudra: Mirko Đorđević
Mother Sobar: Ivana Nedović
Mother Kavanda– Rada’s mother: Vesna Stanković
Talimon (Sobar’s friend): Stefan Mladenović
Bubulia (Sobar’s friend, a gambler): Miloš Cvetković
Aralambi (Sobar’s friend): Miloš Unić, g.a.
Dalibog (Sobar’s friend) and policeman Fedja: Uroš Milojević, g.a.
Rusalina – Sobar’s sister: Katarina Arsić
Sanda the Gypsy: Jovana Grozdanović, g.a.
Count Antal: Miroslav Jović
Bucha – hen thief: Danilo Petrović
Balint – a Russian, master, a horse buyer: Marjan Todorović
Ninka the Gypsy: Maja Banković
Varia the Gypsy: Jelena Radenković, g.a.
Lieutenant I: Toma Bibić, g.a.
Lieutenant II and Shvob: Nikola Cekić, g.a.
Lieutenant III: Dejan Gocić, g.a.
President of the Municipality: Dragan Tričković, g.a.
Wife of the President of the Municipality: Petra Nešić, g.a.
Priest and Nur: Nenad Cvetanović, g.a.
Soldier I: Jovan Perišić, g.a.
Soldier II: Miloš Mitrović, g.a.
Istvan – Balint’s servant: Marko Paulus, g.a.
Count Antal’s Servant: Srđan Simić, g.a.

BALLET: Jovana Simić, Danica Ničić, Jelena Mihajlović, Natalija Stoiljković, Bratislav Ranković, Dušan Stojiljković
CHOIR: Silvija Nešić, Mila Pužić, Jovana Đorđević, Marko Milisavljević, Miloš Vukman, Nikola Savić, Petar Ilić, Luka Gutović
RADA AND SOBAR’S GYPSY CAMP: Nevena Petković, Anastasija Rančić, Emilija Ranđelović, Jana Savić, Iva Petronijević/Marta Đorđević alto, Neda Vuković/Tamara Krstić alto, Ksenija Dimitrijević/Nevena Dimitrijević alto, Teodora Stojković, Anđela Krstić, Una Rakić

Technical Crew

Technical Operator: Ljubiša Živković
Technical Coordinator: Zoran Ilić
Stage Manager: Dobrila Marjanović
Prompter: Aleksandra Vukov
Lighting Designers: Dejan Cvetković, Nemanja Pavlović
Sound Designer: Slobodan Ilić
Stage Manager: Slaviša Filipović
Stage effects: Vladislav Đorđević
Light Technician: Dejan Mitić, Nemanja Pavlović, Dragoslav Dobrosavljević
Stagehands: Marin Rajić, Miodrag Đorđević
Props Masters: Marko Paulus, Dragan Nikolić
Dressers: Dušica Mladenović, Marko Dinić
Make-up and Wig Artists: Ljiljana Rašić, Marija Pešić, Ivana Lazarević
Tailoring: Marina Stevanović, Vladimir Pekić, Dragana Grozdanović
Workshop: Bogoljub Đorđević, Dragan Perić, Branislav Nikolić, Goran Stanković
Painting: Vladimir Krstić
Procurement: Zoran Denčić
Driver: Nebojša Šarčević

Narodno pozoriste Nis
Inspired by the story „MAKAR CHUDRA“ by Maxim Gorki
Directed by
Desimir Stanojević
Nada and Desimir Stanojević
Directed and Music Selected by
Desimir Stanojević
Arrangement of traditional Russian Romani music and Sound Design by
Borivoje Mladenović
Composition „The Roads“
Igor Dunjić– music, Željko Mijanović– text
Music Editor and Choir Supervisor and Soloist
Suzana Kostić, Ph.D.
Set: Designer:
Ivana Savić
Costume Designer
Dejan Gocić
Nebojša Gromilić
Nataša Ilić
Romani Language Assistant
Nebojša Saitović
Mask Design
Filip Cvetković
Nikola Milosavljević
Poster and Program Design
Marina Antić
Ivana Mirović, MA
Assistant Director
Nađa Nedović Tekinder
Script Supervisor
Ivana Zarkov
Costume Designer Assistant
Marina Stevanović
Operations Assistant
Nada Stanojević
Ana Veljković

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