Hadi Kurić, as the playwright, and Irfan Mensur, as the director, created this play where the main character is a great actor and seducer Edmund Kean. Alexandre Dumas père and Pol Sartre also wrote about this interesting historical personality. But in his play, Hadi Kurić focused primarily on the motive of rebellion, not on the love affair. There is neither a true love story nor a good dramatic plot without someone’s rebellion. An exciting, inspiring and wonderful story about actors, in which Kean, a romantic, an eccentric, a junkie, an alcoholic, and a hero fights for all those ideals and values that are forgotten and neglected even today.

The FIRST performance of „Edmund Kean” was a huge success at the premier at the National Theatre in Niš. The role of a glorious English actor whom they „believe to be a king, when he plays the king, and a fisherman, when he plays the fisherman”, but who remains outside of social norms, is entrusted to Dejan Cicmilović. The actors, in this witty portrait of the eternal volatile acting fate are Aleksandar Marinković, Sanja Krstović, Milena Jakšić, Snežana Petrović and Aleksandar Mihailović

Narodno pozoriste Nis


Edmund Kean - Dejan Cicmilović
Prince of Wales - Aleksandar Marinković
Anna Danby - Nataša Stanković
Elena, Countess de Koefeld - Snežana Petrović
Solomon - Aleksandar Mihailović
Ketty - Sanja Krstović

Technical Crew

Stage Manager: Marina Šukleta
Sound Design: Hristo Zarkov
Prompter: Miroslavica Živadinović
Lighting Design: Dejan Cvetković

Stage technique
Technical Manager: Vidoje Jović
Coordinator: Dobrila Marjonović
Stage Master: Slaviša Filipović
Props Master: Dragan Nikolić, Ozren Mitić
Wig, Make-up Artists: Ljiljana Todorović, Ljiljana Rašić
Dressers: Vlastimir Stanković, Dušica Mladenović, Aleksandar Marjanović

Production of stage equipment
Tailoring: Snežana Aranđelović, Marina Stevanović, Vladimir Pekić
Painting: Vladimir Krstić

Narodno pozoriste Nis
Directed by
Irfan Mensur
Mirhad– Hadi Kurić
Set Design
Irfan Mensur
Costume Designer
Biljana Krstić
Nenad Milosavljević
December 3, 2005