In the role of Anna Karenina, Dragana Mićalović and Katarina Arsić


A press conference was held today (Thursday, January 21) at the National Theater in Nis, regarding the premiere of the show “Anna Karenina”, written by Lav N. Tolstoy, directed by Irfan Mensur, who also signs the dramatization and stage design.

The conference was attended by the artistic crew and cast the play, and at the very beginning the song “Karenin”, composed by Aleksandar Sanja Ilić, lyrics by Irfan Mensur, performed by Dragana Mićalović who plays the title role in the play was premiered.

Jurnalists were first addressed by the Spasoje Z. Milovanovic, the general manager of the Nis theater, who gave a brief overview of the history of shows of “Anna Karenina” on the Nis theater venue, and then the whole artistic crew and a part of the acting ensamble introduced themselves.

“Anna Karenina” will have its two premieres on Friday, January 22nd, when the audience will see Dragana Mićalović in the lead role and on Saturday, January 23, when Ana Karenina will be played by Katarina Arsić.

The show, which aroused great interest of the public and the audience, has its rerun on January 24 and 25, as well as on February 13, 2021.

Herewith, the National Theater in Nis continues its theatrical season 2020/21.