“Okret Theater” from Belgrade is having it’s guest appearance on the stage of Nis theater tonight with the play “Suspicious Person”, by B. Nusic.

The play is based on one of the most famous works by Branislav Nušić, which is an indispensable part of the home reading for elementary schools. In a humorous, interesting and swaying manner, with creatively designed scenery and quality music, the actors will revive the colorful characters with whom Nusic described in the society, but also ridiculed the bad character traits of people, which are universal and present at all times. The show is aimed at both younger audiences and senior citizens.

Cast in the play: Marko Nikolic, Danijela Tanaskovic, Marija Ceranic, Nikola Krneta, Milan Vranesevic.

TURNOVER THEATER is a theater troupe founded in year 2012 in Belgrade with the desire to bring the world of home reading closer to the children and youth. The troupe consists of graduated actors with experience gained through numerous accomplished roles in Belgrade theaters “ Bosko Buha”,  “Terazije Theater”, “Yugoslav Drama Theater”, “National Theater in Belgrade”, “Madlenianum”, as well as in television feature series, children’s television programs and feature films.

Tickets for the show have sold out.