Tonight’s Main program performance at the National Theater in Niš, within the Theater at the Crossroads Festival in progress, is August Strindberg’s MISS JULIE, directed and adapted by Haris Pašović, and performed by Madlenianum Opera and Theater.

Project Dramaturge is Jelena Paligorić Sinkević, set designer is Aleksandar Denić, while costume designers are Irma Saje and Vanja Ciraj Džudža. Marko Grubić is music composer, Igor Pastor is choreographer. Assistant directors are Stefan Gajić and Katarina Jovanović, while assistant set designer is Danilo Mlađenović, and assistant costume designer is Višnja Žilić.

Actors performing tonight are Ana Rudakijević, Strahinja Blažić , Mina Pavlica, Katarina Bradonjić, Nikola Knežević , Jovan Veljković , Filip Stankovski , Tamara Šustić i Ksenija Repić.

“Haris Pašović, director and author of the adaptation of the original play, Strindberg’s naturalistic tragedy Miss Julie (1888), in its new stage reading at the Madlenianum theater decided to set the plot and characters in our era (playwright Jelena Paligorić Sinkević). The action takes place in Slovenia, Miss Julija Krajnc is a rich Slovenian, and in her father’s house, in addition to Jean and Christine, the characters from the original text, there is a “chorus of foreign workers,“ six members of additional staff, drivers, grooms, security, pool cleaners…

They came from the region of ​​the former Yugoslavia, from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in search of some kind of better life. Strindberg’s layered play about class conflicts and insurmountable social divisions, and also about the complexity of male-female relationships, the conflict between reason and the irrational in man, has become a foreign worker drama of our time.“ (Ana Tasić, Politika)

Duration of the performance is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The price per ticket for tonight’s performance is 900 dinars.

There are several events within the Festival’s accompanying program. A public discussion THEATER AT THE CROSSROADS – THE SAME AND / OR DIFFERENT, is taking place at the New City Hotel at 12.00 h. The participants are Duško Ljuština, PhD, culture manager, prof. Vlatko Ilić, Phd, the Festival Selector, prof. Nenad Novaković, PhD, culture manager and Spasoje Ž. Milovanović, MA, the Festival Director and general manager of the National Theater in Niš.


The Puppet Theater stage is hosting at 18.00 h the performance of Amy Nostbakken and Nora Sadava’s duodrama I WOKE UP WITHOUT A VOICE (Mouthpiece), directed by Tamir Levent, Bu Japim Production, Istanbul (Turkey).

Actresses Burcu Görek and Dilara Gu are performing the duodrama.

I Woke up with no Voice  is a play written to emphasize the rights of women who overtly or covertly suffered oppression, women who are unable to express themselves because of various fears and limitations imposed on them by the society, silenced, battered, even killed in cold blood. It’s story of a woman writer who questions violence against women and the place of women in society in the context of how similar her life is to her recently deceased mother’s.

The price per ticket for this performance is 200 dinars. Tickets are available at the National Theater box office.