The show “One Oedipus” written by the Portuguese writer Armando Nascimento Rosa, directed by Jug Djordjevic, will be performed this evening at the third Viminacium Fest, starting at 8 p.m.

In the Archaeological Park of the ancient Roman city of Viminacium, the audience will have the opportunity to see several performances under the famous slogan Myths Old and New, mythological content as well as those that, based on ancient myths and legends, build and process contemporary themes.

The play “One Oedipus” focuses on the soul and the deepest forms of mental and emotional functioning of man, and the author re-examines and illuminates the well-known myth of Oedipus from a new perspective, finding the cause of his evil fate not in incest but in the ancient crime of his father Laius.

The play stars Aleksandar Krstic, Evgenija Stankovic, Stefan Mladenovic, Milica Filic and Marko Radojevic.