On Thursday, October 10, the play “The Finger”, produced by Belgrade-based Beo Art will guest perform at the National Theater in Nis. The text is authored by Doruntina Basa, directed by Ana Tomovic and starring Jasna Djuricic and Milica Stefanovic.
“In many traditional Kosovo homes, it still happens that wives of the missing in war still live with their husbands’ family, even though it has been more than ten years since the war. The right over their lives, which once belonged to a husband, now belongs to his family. They have no “private” life at all. Whatever they do could be interpreted as something coming directly from her husband’s family, so they must be in control to protect the family’s honor. But. What happens if the husband’s family consists only of his mother? Is she able to control the situation with a firm hand? And if she manages to keep the household in a situation where she is haunted by the memories of her missing son, whom she tried to hide in the basement of the house? How does she retain power in a situation where the daughter in law’s expectations relating to the missing husband are somewhat different and when the two women hurt each other by bringing their relationship to an (impossible) ending? “The Finger” explores this relationship in the context of the most sensitive problem in Kosovo today: the issues of the missing, but from a completely new, radical position of women left behind in this society.
“The Finger” is an index finger that does not know in which direction to point and is unable to detect the perpetrator. “The Finger” is also the shadow of a huge finger pointing at yourself, making you feel guilty. It is a finger that offers both reconciliation and separation. It is an excuse to cry over the pain caused by trivial house work, like a mask for bigger, less banal pain on the inside. It’s a constant reminder that something bad has been done and everything can fall apart. It’s a threat. It’s something you scratch yourself with. It’s something you touch with. “Daruntina Baša.
Ticket price is 600 dinars and they are sold at the box office of the theater.