The play “Nadezda Petrovic Self-Portrait in the Plural”, written by Miljana Djordjevic, directed by Dragana Jovanovic, will be performed in Timisoara, at the Serbian Cultural Center on Thursday, December 12, starting at 7 pm.
Project was supported by the City of Nis, the Administration for Culture and Information, with the logistical support of the Federation of Serbs in Romania.
The play is located in Valjevo Hospital where Nadezda spends her last moments of life. Severely ill with typhoid, she recalls her life, artistic activities, friendship, family, rejection, patriotic and activist engagement through dialogue with a young nurse.
The play was produced by the Association of Nis Actors on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the death of the great painter. The play stars Bratislava Milic and Dragana Jovanovic. “Our guiding principle was the need to address a tradition that is not the past but continuity. To relate what is today to what was yesterday and to what is to come. Tradition, in fact, is the vision, the strength and the quality to create something good in the time you live and create in, ”says Dragana Jovanovic, with the undisputed joy that the play will be performed for the audience in Timisoara.