The event “Days of Srpska in Serbia 2019” will run from September 4 to September 10 and will have 23 programs in thirty-one performances in the twenty-one cities of Serbia and, as in previous years, will happen from Subotica to Vranje, from Uzice to Vrsac, with the aim of citizens of Serbia get to know the culture, arts and sciences of Republic Srpska.
As part of a rich cultural program, the National Theater of the Republic Srpska will present “Chicken” by N.V. Koljada directed by Predrag Strbac in Krusevac and Nis.
The performance “Chicken” will be performed on venue of the National Theater in Nis, on Saturday, September 7 starting at 8pm (entrance with free tickets, which can be picked up at the box office). In the play performed by the National Theater of RS from Banja Luka, the cast consists of:
Natasa Ivancevic, Gordana Milinovic, Miljka Brdjanin, Djordje Markovic, Aleksandar Stojkovic, Ljubisa Savanovic, Vedrana Mackovic, Pero Ris.
“Koljada relies on the Chekhov tradition or at least a part of Chekhov’s poetics. At the thematic level, Chekhov’s dramaturgy is characterized by the constant shifting and intertwining of IRACIONAL and BANAL, but Chekhov never put the BANAL phenomenon in human life at the center of the thematic circle of any of his pieces. Koljada in “Chicken” does just that. All comedy characters are so immersed in this banality, it has entered every pore of their lives that they can no longer pull out from it. Through the story of “Chicken”, all their need to emerge from this banality is revealed, that something “real” and “exciting” would happen to them in life, something that will snatch them from the consternation, spiritual, emotional, but also physical. However, this remains just a wish of the characters, because for them there is no return and deliverance from the fictional and banal life. Therefore, at the end of the play, happy that nothing bad has happened to them, they joyfully accept banality as a constant of their lives and indulge in it … ”Predrag Strbac

Free tickets, with personal identification, can be picked up at the box office (maximum of 2 tickets).