On Wednesday, October 14, starting at 8 pm, the play “Casabalkan” of the National Theater of the Timok Region “Zoran Radmilović” from Zajecar will be performed at the National Theater in Nis. The play was dramatized and directed by Irfan Mensur based on the text by Goran Stefanovski.

The play “Casabalkan” offers a memory of what we went through in the 1990s, but it does not deal with certain people, phenomena and peoples, but shows the meaninglessness of the event from which we came out permanently damaged. However, love as the greatest driving force overcomes the greatest problems of life.

The play stars: Milos Djuricic, Vujadin Milosevic, Milos Tanaskovic, Predrag Grbic, Nataša Petrovic, Viktorija Arsic, Ivana Bartunjek and Hana Milosevic.

The premiere of the play “Cazabalkan” will close the 29th Theater Festival “Days of Zoran Radmilovic”, which will be held in Zaječar from October 16 to 23, in which the National Theater in Nis will participate with the play “1789” on October 19.


Tickets for the play “Casabalkan” can be purchased at the box office of the National Theater every day from 10 am to 8 pm, at a price of 500 dinars (discounted price – 300 dinars for students, pupils and pensioners).

Entrance to the show is possible with the use of protective masks.

photo source: National Theater of Timok Krajina “Zoran Radmilović”