A press conference was held today at the National Theatre in Nis regarding the premiere of the play “1789”, which will premiere on Wednesday, March 11 at 8 pm, and officially open the second international theatre festival “Theatre at the Crossroads”, which will run until March 19. General Manager of the National Theatre in Nis Spasoje Z. Milovanovic first addressed the journalists present, followed by the director Hadi Kuric, who is also the playwright of the Drama.
The director said the following about the play: “In our play” 1789 “the people with their sufferings and aspirations always remain in the background. We deal above all with the leaders, because without their decisions, such a bloody and merciless revolution, as was the French, would not have happened. The leaders are the ones who make the mistakes in evaluating, citing, manipulating, indoctrinating, or deciding to use violence when they see fit. What wishes, hopes, complexes or fears do they have? ”
The play stars: Aleksandar Mihailovic, Sanja Krstovic, Aleksandar Marinkovic, Danilo Petrovic, Nadja Nedovic Tekinder, Milos Cvetkovic, Jovana Golubovic k.g. and Bratislava Milic k.g.