The National Theater in Nis opens its 2019/20 season with the premiere of “The Government and Its Opposition,” by Nebojsa Romcevic, directed by Egon Savin.
The show will premiere on Saturday, October 5, 2019 starting at 8 pm.
In addition to directing, Egon Savin also signs selection of music, with the author’s team consisting of Marija Kalabic – production design and Biljana Krstic – costume design.
The play stars: Aleksandar Mihailovic, Dejan Cicmilovic, Aleksandar Marinkovic, Jasminka Hodzic and Nadja Nedovic Tekinder.
The first and second re runs of the play are scheduled for June 6 and 25, 2019. The play “The Government and Its Opposition” arose from the play “PR – Purely Ridiculous”, which is the last part of Romcevic’s theater trilogy which still consists of “Easy Piece” and “Paradox”. While “Easy Piece” deals with the 1990s, “Paradox” with hot October events, “PR” focuses on the political reality of the 21st century, where marketing agencies, by studying public opinion, create image-politicians, the electorate equalizes with the audience, and in reality, as if what the media did not pay attention to did not happen.
That is why in the play “The Government and Its Opposition” one of the biggest problems of the authorities is how to purchase quality and fight “worthy” opposition that will support public opinion. On the other hand, free-minded, thinking, incorruptible intellectuals on the verge of existence, who did not sell themselves because no one even tried to buy them. And what happens when the right price is offered is what bitter comedy “The Government and Its Opposition” deals with.