After the first premiere in the 2020/2021 season, the National Theater in Nis is very pleased to inform the public about the first reading rehearsal of the play “Anna Karenina”, which was held today, starting at 12 o’clock in the rehearsal hall of the theater. The premiere of the play is planned for November 14, 2020.

The director, playwright and production designer of the play is Irfan Mensur, the composer is Aleksandar Sanja Ilic, the costume designer is Biljana Krstic, the choreographer is Danica Nicic, the editor is Natasa Ilic, the assistant production and costume designer is Katarina Filipovic, and the production manager is Ivana Stojanovic.



Anna Karenjina – Dragana Micalovic, k.g. / Katarina Arsic

Karenin – Dejan Cicmilovic

Vronsky – Milos Cvetkovic

Levin – Stefan Mladenovic

Kitty – Nadja Nedovic Tekinder

Dolly – Katarina Mitic Pavlovic / Bratislava Milic, k.g.

Steve – Danilo Petrovic

Seryozha (child) – Vuk Marinkovic, k.g. / Tadija Jovic, k.g.


Stage Manager: Dobrila Marjanovic

Sound design: Vladislav Djordjevic

Lighting design: Dejan Cvetković and David Jovanović

Prompter: Vanja Sukleta


After the modern play “October 6 – a story about a summer vacation”, the National Theater presents “Ana Karenina”, which will further establish the theater’s orientation towards titles that represent world classics, which Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy’s novel certainly is.