The play “The Duchess of the Folies Bergeres” written by Georges Feydeau and directed by Jug Radivojević, will be premiered on the scene of the National Theater in Niš on Tuesday, May 14th starting at 8 p.m.
In addition to directing, Jug Radivojević was in charge of the adaptation of the performance, the set designer is Aleksandar Denić, costume designer Tatjana Radišić, composer Aleksandar Srebrić, stage movement and assistant director Igor Damnjanović, stage speech Natasa Ilic and organizer is Ivana Stojanović.
The actors in the play: Snežana Petrović, Miroljub Nedović, Dragoslav Savić, Aleksandar Krstić, Katarina Arsić, Miloš Cvetković, Miroslav Jović, Marko Pavlovski, Stefan Mladenović, Vesna Stanković, Dragiša Veljković, Marjan Todorović, Zorica Damjanović, Danilo Petrović, Milutin Vešković g.a., Dejan Gocić g.a., Uroš Milojević g.a., Viktorija Arsić g.a., Kristina Tomić g.a., Bratislava Milić g.a.
The hilarious comedy of the famous George Feydeau will easily draw the audience into a witty story full of incredible twists and unexpected plots. The adventures of the charming and sly Parisian beauty, who with a turn of the fate becomes the duchess, but fails to resist the call of her past life, and her naïve and blinded cuckold husband, will have the audience laughing tears and keep them entertained.
The encores of the play are scheduled for May 15, May 17 and May 25, 2019.