The International Comedy Theater Festival “Naked Moonlight” is being held this year from September 2 to September 9, 2019 in Skopje.
At the invitation of the festival director and selector, a well-known comedy, vaudeville by Georges Feydeau “The Duchess of Folies Bergeres”, directed by Jug Radivojevic, travels to the festival.
The audience of Nis’s theater will be able to see the performance tonight on the venue of this already traditional festival of comedy.
In addition to the National Theater in Nis, this year’s Naked Moon Festival also includes theaters from Kumanovo, Strumica, Ohrid, Skopje, Zagreb…
The author team of the play, in addition to the director, includes the production designer Aleksandar Denic, costume designer Tatjana Radisic, composer Aleksandar Srebric, stage movement and assistant director Igor Damnjanovic, assistant production designer, Danilo Mladenovic and assistant costume designer Katarina Filipovic.
The hilarious comedy by famous Georges Feydeau easily pulls the audience into a humorous story full of incredible twists and turns and unexpected plot twists.
The adventures of a charming and shifty Parisian beauty, who, by the lucky play of fate, becomes a duchess but fails to resist the call of her previous life, and her naive and blinded cuckold husband, entertain and tease the audience to tears.
The show had its successful premiere in Nis on May 14, 2019.