The first joint meeting of the two theater associations bringing together 29 theater houses from Vojvodina, central Serbia and the province of K&M, as well as 42 theater festivals outside Belgrade, was held at the National Theater in Nis.

The topic of the meeting was the current situation in relation to the pandemic caused by the Corona virus and the possibilities of organizing and realizing theatrical life in our country.

At the meeting, unequivocal support was provided to the competent institutions in finding a solution for the renewal of the work of cultural institutions, and above all the theater, as a true return to normal life in the given circumstances.

Welcoming the initial proposal to work, it was stated that the proposed measures in relation to regular and uninterrupted work of the theater require correction to some extent, taking into account the specifics of the environment and technical equipment of domestic theaters.

We emphasize the belief of all present that theaters are no more endangered than other places of public gatherings and that with the application of these preventive measures, our work would certainly contribute to a spiritually richer life and the affirmation of artistic and cultural values.

Among other things, the meeting discussed a number of other problems, the organizational model and the nature of the functioning of Serbian theaters, and the need to standardize all aspects of the complex being of the theater.

The public and the competent institutions will be informed about the details and concrete proposals after defining clear guidelines and proposals.

The first meeting of the Association of Professional Theaters of Serbia “Joakim Vujić” and professional theaters of Vojvodina, confirmed the importance of joint performance and defining problems, collegiality and long-established solidarity of theater artists.

In Nis, 20.08.2020.