The premiere of the show “Where Were We” written by Marjan Todorovic, and directed by Nenad Todorovic, will take place on March 27 and March 28 at 6 p.m.

The show stars: Stefan Mladenovic, Aleksandar Marinkovic, Jasminka Hodzic, Maja Bankovic, Katarina Mitic Pavlovic, Zorica Damjanovic, Natalija Jovic and Marko Radojevic.

Katarina Filipovic is responsible for the scenography and costume design, and Miodrag Krcmarik for stage movement. The composer is Bratislav Zlatkovic.


The premieres were originally planned for March 17 and 18, but due to epidemiological measures, the music, stage movement, scenography and costume were postponed.


A word from the Author

WHERE WERE WE, unfortunately, for a long period of time is no longer a question at all, but only a passing statement. It’s like when a man blocks his own opinion and attitude for a moment, and between what he started and where he is going with it, he uses the phrase “… ummm…  what I ment to say…”, until he actually gathers in the coordinate system of his own confusion, and LIKE proceeds. In fact, somewhere along the way, he completely lost the essence of the story he started and unintentionally wandered into that self-suggestive LIKE, which he then unconsciously begins to project as a personal life philosophy:

I LIKE live… I LIKE work… I LIKE think… I LIKE love…

The idea of ​​this piece is that through the stories of various types of people who loudly live their LIKE as their own, one accidental unfortunate guy only intimately roars his most sincere AUCH!

And, possibly, survives!

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