On Saturday, 2nd November, starting at 8 pm, the premiere performance of the play „Easter at the Moglen“, produced by “Niski svici”, directed by Dejan Cicmilovic, based on the text by Aleksandar Mihailovic will be held at the National Theater in Nis. The roles are interpreted by Aleksandra Arizanovic, Dejan Cicmilovic and Aleksandar Mihailovic.
The basic idea for the drama “Easter on Moglen” came from a war episode, which took place on 5th May 1918 on the Thessaloniki Front, described in the novel “The Serbian Trilogy” by Stevan Jakovljevic. Namely, on that day, Serbian and Bulgarian soldiers came out of their trenches on Easter, congratulated each other on the holiday, and thus, managed to end a bloody war for a moment.
The story begins in July 1914 on the Vienna – Constance ship, then continues through Prokletije, Corfu and Kajmakchalan, until Easter 1918 in the Moglen mountains, where the beforementioned “military disobedience” of the two armies occurred.
This almost unreal story from the recent history of the Balkan conflicts is rather a story about forgiveness, humanity and nobility of a little man who was not polluted by the years of hatred and suffering, then an attempt to stage a historical event.
Ticket price is 300 RSD and can be purchased at the National Theater box office.
The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.