On Thursday, February 27, starting at 8 pm, the play “If You Wake Up or As If It Matters”, written by Isidore Milosavljevic, directed by Nenad Todorovic will be performed at the National Theater in Nis. The play was coproduced by the National Theater in Leskovac and the National Theatre Pristina with a temporary base in Gracanica.


It deals with a family drama, broken marital relationships, growing up in an unhealthy atmosphere and suffering. This award-winning play had its premiere in Leskovac and then in Gracanica. A deep story of one family tragedy, set in a one-hour drama.

Director Nenad Todorovic said he was surprised and happy that this play was actually dealing with something that, as he said, had long been a European value, “and that is the value of theater that deals with deeply intimate issues.”

“We live in a deeply politicized society, and tonight we were rejoicing and grieving with a performance and a piece that deals with deeply intimate things, and thus confirmed, not as theater, but as individual artists, that there is something called intimate art,” Todorovic said after the premiere of the play.

Ticket prices for the play “If You Wake Up or As If It Matters” are 500 dinars, 300 dinars (special discount) for pupils, students and seniors and can be purchased at the box office.