On Sunday, March 1, starting at 8 pm, the play “The Use of Man” written by Boris Tisma, directed by Boris Lijesevic will be performed at the National Theater in Nis. “The Use of Man” is a kind of masterpiece by Alexander Tisma and was first staged as a theater play in coproduction: New Fortress Theater, Theatre City Budva, Novi Sad Theater and East West Center in Sarajevo.

“The Use of Man” is the story about a world dominated by religious, racial, political, and any other intolerance. The madness is spreading, and people are hoping that it will not reach peaceful Novi Sad, and that Europe and the world will not allow the spread of Nazism, and they do nothing, even though everything tells them that they need to flee and save themselves. They are sure that reason always prevails in the end. The protagonist is Vera Kroner, a girl from a wealthy Jewish merchant family is deported to Auschwitz in 1943 with her family but also with other Jewish families.

Religion alone survives that horrific life and scenes, as she spends her camp time in a “house of joy,” a brothel where the sexual services they provide to SS soldiers extend their lives and delay their journey to the crematorium. The question is, should you survive when your whole world falls apart and disappears? ”

The play stars Emina Elor, Jugoslav Krajnov, Predrag Marjanovic, Draginja Voganjac, Aljosa Djidjic, Danilo Milanovic and Dusan Vukasinovic.

Tickets for the show “The Use of Man” are 500 dinars and can be purchased daily at the box office of the National Theater.