Musical Some Like It Hot is sheduled to be held tomorrow at 20.00 hours in the National Theater of Timok County Zoran Radmilović in Zaječar, within the program of the 31st theater festival Zoran Radmilović’s Days.

The Musical is based on the movie namesake, it is directed by Aleksandar Marinković, playing one of the two leading male roles, while the other leading male role is performed by Uroš Milojević. The leading female role is performed by Dragana Mićalović.

As a reminder, the musical has so far been performed at the Sofia Musicle Festival on July 1, and thereupon at the Barski Ljetopis Festival on July 17. Tomorrow’s performance is the third event of a kind at a competitive theater festival.

The next performance the Niš audience will be able to attend at the National Theater is scheduled to be held on November 17.