The National Theater in Nis is organizing a meeting of the International Theater Association “7 Plus” which will be held in the New City Hotel on September 8, the second day of the festival “Theater at the Crossroads” at 12 noon, and the day after the premiere of the show “The Miracle of St. George “, which is the first joint project of the association.

The meeting will be attended by as many as 12 members from the association coming from 7 countries.

Members from Lithuania are Olga Polevikova and Vladimir Gurfinkel, representatives of the Rusdrama Theater from Vilnius; members from Russia Tatiana Troyanskaya, a representative of the Masterskaya Theater from St. Petersburg, as well as Tatiana Cvetkova and Ala Judina, representatives of the Vasilevskiy Theater from St. Petersburg, members from Bulgaria Vasilka Bumbarova and Vasil Vasilev, representatives of the Ivan Radoev Drama Theatre from Pleven. Bogdan Kostea is coming from Romania representing the Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre from Arad, from Estonia Filip Los is representing the Vene Theater from Tallinn, from Northern Macedonia, Skopje actor Dejan Lilic, and from Serbia Spasoje Z. Milovanovic, a representative of the National Theater in Nis.

The 7 Plus Theater Association was founded two years ago in Pleven, Bulgaria, and consists of theaters from the following countries: Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia. This theater group aims to open cultural spaces for other members, exchange artists and authors, as well as produce joint projects with a special emphasis on young directors and contemporary dramaturgy. The association is open to new members, which is symbolized by the word “plus” in the name.

This way, the National Theater in Nis as the only representative of the Serbian theater in this association, opens new cultural spaces, develops international cooperation and thus improves its artistic capacities.