After 80 performances in 12 countries, with 33 festival awards, 7 of which were at last year’s Steria’s Theater, on 7th November 2019 starting at 8pm, due to great interest of the audience “Jami District” is guest performing again at the National Theater in Nis.

“Jami District” is written by Milena Bogavac, directed by Kokan Mladenovic and starring Isidora Simijonovic, Nina Neskovic and Vanja Nenadovic. Music is performed by VROOM, and video production is signed by Branko Tmusic, Jana Bjelica and Aleksandar Sarapa.

Jami District is a theater play that deals with the notion of the Nation and issues of national identity in contemporary society.

This story shows how meaningless national divisions are in the 21st century – when, due to the galloping development of science and technology, the world has long been dominated by transnational companies and when 1% of humanity owns 46% of the world’s wealth. The idea of ​​a nation is marketed to us as something we should be proud of, when it is actually a phenomenon that degrades our human dignity.

In its form, the play is fragmentary and postmodern, and its important part is video work, composed of various sequences that support the form of a fake documentary, as well as live performances of original music by the VROOM band. The video features statements from various politicians, decision makers and leaders, and to make things all the more convincing, there are fake editions of national news and other informative shows.