At the just completed XXII Theater Fest “Petar Kocic” in Banja Luka, the expert jury consisting prof. Luka Kecman PhD theatrologist (president), Selimir Radulovic writer (member), and Milos Latinovic director of BITEF Theater (member), watched five performances between June 3 and 7, 2019 and concluded that the play Tartuffe (co-production of the SNS and the National Theater Sombor) will be proclaimed for the best performance, prize for best director would be awarded to Igor Vuk Torbica for directing the play Tartuffe, and the text In Whose Name, authored by Aleksandar Mihailovic would be proclaimed as the best text performed at the festival.
The play In Whose Name by Aleksandar Mihailovic, directed by Milan Karadzic, produced by the National Theater in Nis, had its premiere in November 2017.

Sasa Torlakovic was proclaimed the best actor, while the best actress of the Festival was Hana Selimovic, in the play Tartuffe.