On Sunday, September 13, the National Theater in Nis is participating in the seventh Shakespeare Festival in Cortanovci. This is the premiere participation of the Nis theater at the festival in Cortanovci, whose founder and director is Nikita Milivojevic. In addition to the National Theater in Nis, which will present itself to the local audience with the play “As You Like It”, the festival program consists of Shakespeare’s comedies: “Two Knights from Verona” of Sabac Theater and “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” performed by the Serbian National Theatre. The festival will be opened on September 12 by the concert “Shakespeare and Beethoven” of the String Quartet of the Belgrade Philharmonic and closed with the play “My Shakespeare”.


The play “As You Like It” whose premiere was on August 2, 2019 at “Nisville” was created in cooperation of the National Theater in Nis, the Krusevac Theater and the International Nisville Jazz Theater Festival.

This romantic, pastoral comedy which originated around 1600, follows the fate of two young people in love, who were exiled from their homes – Orlando was sent away by an evil older brother, and Rosalind by her uncle, who took over her father’s court. Unaware of one other, with their escorts, they both seek refuge in the Ardennes forest, where Rosalind’s exiled father is already. The girl is disguised as a young man named Ganymede, which leads to new comic twists. In the end, everything ends with a general reconciliation and marriage of four couples.

Through the story about the conflict of the quarreling brothers, Shakespeare promotes human values ​​such as brotherly love, tolerance and togetherness, where every problem is overcome, and negative characters are transformed into positive ones by the most magnificent of all spells – sincere love.


International Theater “Shakespeare Festival” founded in 2014.

The festival program consists of contemporary world productions of Shakespeare’s works. The festival is held every year, in an authentic, medieval-like setting, at the Villa Stankovic residence (Cortanovci, municipality of Indjija).

The idea of ​​the festival, unique in this part of Europe, is to nurture the works of the world’s greatest playwright by presenting an attractive open-air theater program, as it was in Shakespeare’s time. The founding of the Shakespeare Festival in Serbia was initiated by director Nikita Milivojevic after the premiere of his play “Henry VI” at the famous Globe Theater in London in May 2012. In addition to the desire to discover Shakespeare in a new way, Nikita Milivojevic was guided by the idea of ​​making Villa Stankovic – an exceptional space which was closed to the public in Serbia, an attractive cultural and tourist place.