It is our utmost pleasure to have the opportunity to welcome and host the City of Niš Star Students at the National Theater at the time of closing a successful season!

As for the aim and organization of the afore mentioned event – The National Theater of Niš in co-operation with the the jewerly vendor Zlatara Stanimirović are hosting an award ceremony for the most successful students of all high schools in the city. These students we celebrate as the holders of The Best Student in the Generation title. The ceremony is taking place in the Theater upper foyer on Thursday, 23 June at 12.00 hours.

Each of The Best Students in the Generation is receiving a special gift from the jewerly vendor Zlatara  Stanimirović in the form of a diamond in blister pack, and a voucher from the National Theater for the next theater season.

For the fifth year in a row, the jewerly vendor Zlatara Stanimirović has been organizing the award ceremony for the star students. For the first time, this year’s event is organized in co-operation with the National Theater as the venue host.

It is our honour to join efforts in supporting young and agile people by awarding them, in order to symbolicaly stimulate their progress along the education path they have taken.

A cocktail party in the upper foyer follows the award ceremony.