On Friday, June 7th, the Bitef Theater and Beo Art will be guest performing on venue of the National Theater in Nis with the performance by Torsten Buchsteiner “Northeast”, directed by Jana Maricic. The play stars Katarina Zutic, Jovana Gavrilovic and Milica Janevski. The piece was based on the true testimony of survivors of a hostage crisis in Moscow in 2002, when a group of Chechen terrorists stormed a theater and demanded that the Russians withdraw their troops from the town of Grozny.
Three women: Chechnyan, Russian woman from the audience, and the Latonian who was saving the survivors, share their disturbing memories and relive them once again.
“We create these stories in subtle theatrical language, insisting on the truthfulness and subtlety of people’s feelings, not on the political context of events. Terrorism is such an important and present phenomenon to be condemned superficially – we acknowledge its presence on the entire planet and deal with the complex mechanisms of fear …. ”
Tickets for the play are on sale at the box office for 400 dinars (ground floor) and 300 dinars (balcony).