At the just completed XII “Festival of the Festival Winners ” which took place in Rakovica, the Audience Jury, which consisted of : Marko Radojicic – President, Danijela Simeunovic – member and Milos Simic – member, unanimously made the decision to award the Best Performance Award to the play”In Whose Name”, by the National Theater in Nis, written by Aleksandar Mihailovic and directed by Milan Karadzic.
The Best Actor Award was presented by the Audience Jury to Milan Vasic for his role as Potkoljosin in the play “Marriage”, directed by Milan Karadzic, and performed by the National Theater in Pristina.
The leading idea behind the Festival is to see in one place the best theater productions produced during the previous season in Serbia once a year. Continuously, in six nights, the audience was able to see what is best in the theater life of Serbia.
The awards to the Best were presented by Director of the Center for Culture and Education Rakovica -Marijana Butulija, President of Municipality of Rakovica – Vladan Kocic, President of the Expert Jury, Drama Artist Snezana Savic and President of the Audience Jury – Marko Radojicic.