National Theater Nis invites you to the premiere of the play “As you like it” by William Shakespeare, directed by Nikita Milivojevic on Monday, 21 October, 2019 starting at 8pm.

It is a co-production of the National Theater Nis, the Krusevac Theater and the Nisville production, which opened this year’s third Nisville International Jazz Theater Festival on 2 August, with the message “Fortress of Rebellion and Provocation”.

The play was created based on translation by Velimir Zivojinovic and Borivoje Nedic, adaptation, directing and production design is signed by Nikita Milivojevic, stage movement by Amelia Banet, music by Ada Rovati Breaker, and costumes by Marina Vukasovic Medenica.

The cast includes: Nebojsa Vranic, Dragoslav Savic, Sonja Isailovic, Zoran Karajic, Milos Cvetkovic, Nikola Rakic, Aleksandar Marinkovic, Maja Vukojevic Cvetkovic, Marija Vidakovic, Bojan Veljovic, Marko Pavlovski, Ema Stojanovic and Stefan Mladenovic.

This romantic, pastoral comedy created around year 1600 follows the fate of two infatuated young people, who were expelled from their homes – Orlando was driven away by his evil older brother, and Rosalind by her uncle, who had taken over her father’s court. Not knowing on of the other, with their entourage, they both seek refuge in the Ardennes Forest, where Rosalind’s banished father is already found. The girl is disguised as a young Ganymede, which leads to new comedic trades. In the end, it all ends with a general reconciliation and the wedding of four couples.

Through the story of the conflict of the estranged brothers, Shakespeare promotes human values such as brotherly love, tolerance and togetherness, where every problem is overcome and the negative characters are transformed into good ones by the most magnificent of all spells – sincere love.

After its premiere at Nisville, the co-production “As You Like It” will premiere on October 19 at the Krusevac Theater and October 20 at the National Theater Nis.