The National Theater in Nis ends the month of June with the premiere of “Apple”, written by Vern Thiessen, and directed by Aleksandra Kovacevic.
The play will open on Small Venue of the theater on Tuesday June 18, with a first re run scheduled for June 21.
The author team of the play is consists of the director Aleksandra Kovacevic, production and costume designer Ljiljana Petrovic, assistant costume designer Katarina Filipovic, composer Bratislav Zlatkovic, proofreader Natasa Ilic and production manager Milos Pavlovic.
The play stars: Danilo Petrovic, Katarina Mitic Pavlovic and Kristina Tomic k.g.

“… The writer uses an almost typical melodramatic plot, dealing with a love triangle whose actors, in an unlikely but true way, relate in the dramatic situation of fighting the grave illness of one of them. Illness makes even simple souls graceful. Death is at the door, in front of her face, they face their own lives to realize that only through another can they know the truth. This kind of plot is supported by repetitive dialogues with the silence in-between, which speaks more than anything spoken. ”

Aleksandra Kovacevic

The production of the play, as well as its promotion, was supported by the Embassy of Canada in Belgrade.